The misdeeds of the rulers will be judged on the soil of Bengal: Salam

BNP’s Dhaka Metropolitan South convener Abdus Salam said that all the misdeeds of the rulers of the past 14 years will be judged on the soil of Bengal. And so they want to stay in power for life to avoid punishment for crimes. He said these things while distributing food among the needy at Dolaipar […]

In “New Weekend”: What is judged and how much it concerns us

Read in the “News weekend”: The dilemma: Erdogan or KilicdarogluWhat is judged and how much it concerns us Free tolls for elections – Who does it apply to? • Turks vote tomorrow on continuity or change• How likely is it that the president will be elected on Sunday and how great is the risk of […]

Elections: What is judged by the participation or not of the “Kassidiaris party”

After two missed opportunities for maximum consensus in the democratic arc, as shown by the two “yes” (ND, PASOK), the three “no” (KKE, Hellenic Solution, MeRA25), one “present” and one abstention of SYRIZA, the last February and last Tuesday, the gaze of the political and judicial system now falls on the crucial first week of […]

A man is sentenced in Navarra for inciting to kill Jews through Facebook

The Navarre Provincial Court has sentenced a man resident in the Autonomous Community to two years in prison and a fine of 720 euros for a hate speech having made recurring appeals, through a profile of the red social Facebookto the Holy War, against the State of Israel and inciting murder jews. In some of […]

Elisabeth Borne and two ministers targeted by a complaint for speed bumps tried

Three ministers subject to a complaint. According to information from RTL confirmed by West France, the association Pour Une Mobilité Sereine et Durable filed a complaint before the Court of Justice of the Republic against Élisabeth Borne, Christophe Béchu and Clément Beaune. She accuses them of deliberately endangering the lives of others. The reason ? […]