The one that will reunite to Messi and Guardiola

The one that will reunite to Messi and Guardiola Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Twitter Mansour bin Zayed Twitter Mansour bin Zayed He is 50 years old and his fortune is US $ 30,000 million. He is the half brother of the president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, and since 2008 […]

Maite, Movistar’s virtual legal assistant, already has her first client

“Maite was born to help people know their rights, to make the world more just. Maite will work alongside the lawyer to provide her legal services to end users. Maite will be in charge of performing routine legal tasks and answering simple inquiries. We are very happy because we offer the market what we use […]

Forced arrest of black man in San Antonio caught on video – CNN

Video of the arrest, recorded by a witness, shows police pushing the handcuffed man into the patrol car. (CNN) –– A black man in San Antonio was pulled over by police Tuesday while jogging, witnesses said, when officers were looking for a suspect linked to a nearby domestic violence call. Video of the incident, posted […]

Frei family lawyer: The CNI files were burned during Pinochet’s arrest in London

He attorney Francisco Ugás, plaintiff in the Frei case, stated that the burning of files from the National Information Center (CNI) that occurred in a democracy, for which there are three retired Army officers, was recorded at the time Augusto Pinochet was detained in London (1998-2000). “This documentation is destroyed just at the time when […]