“I Think He Could Be A Big Player For Us!”

As Manchester City continue their pre-season preparations in the United States, a cast of young stars are starting to impress fans and pundits alike. Out of the 26 players who travelled from Manchester to Houston, ten of them are from City’s esteemed academy. Some of the players may be familiar to the City faithful, such […]

The date of Julián’s debut at City

Julián Álvarez prepares to add his first minutes with the City shirt. In addition, the former River striker could get his first title in his official debut. By Ubaldo Kunz 11/07/2022 – 20:53hs ART Comments 11/07/2022 – 20:53hs ART © @ManCityJulián was presented as a new City reinforcement and awaits his debut. Last weekend Julián […]

Regarding the competition with Erling Haaland at Man City, Junior Lionel Messi says this

TWITTER.COM/INDEPENDENTNGR Dua striker anyar Manchester City, Erling Haaland dan Julian Alavarez BOLASPORT.COM – Junior Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team, Julian Alvarez, opened up about the competition with Erling Haaland to become Manchester City’s main striker next season. The smell of Manchester City’s front line competition began to be felt after the arrival of […]

Julión Álvarez shares a tender moment with his daughters and instructs them in music

The proud father shared the talent of both girls. July 10, 2022 2:25 p.m. Now what Julian Alvarez has returned to digital platforms, including social networks, the artist has not stopped updating his audience about the different aspects of his life, both artistic and personal. After having declared his victory, one of the first publications […]

Julión Álvarez songs are back on Spotify

Julian Alvarez is back with its entire musical catalog on Spotifya move that comes after the US Treasury Department removed it from the blacklist. Faced with the good news, the Julion has offered a few words after the Twitter account of the streaming platform in Mexico made it official. With the cover art and a […]

Spotify once again removes Julión Álvarez from its repertoire

Julión Álvarez’s music was finally back on the music platform, but before long it was removed. Julio César Álvarez Montelongo, was pointed out by the US Department of the Treasury in August 2017 of having links with organized crime, despite the fact that the singer denied everything, he was banned from social networks and digital […]

Julión Álvarez and his return to platforms; When does his music return to Spotify?

Julian Alvarez proved his innocence after being accused of alleged money laundering and links to drug trafficking, the Mexican regional singer is now free of everything he was accused of and is ready to continue his successful career The musician who is considered “the king of the box office” was removed from the blacklist of […]

Free: Julión Álvarez is removed from the “black list” of the United States

In 2017 Julión Álvarez’s career came to a halt, although the affection of the public was still present, the Mexican regional singer was singled out by the authorities in USA by presumed lmoney avail and links with drug trafficking. Álvarez’s fans never doubted his innocence and continued to support him. In Mexico the situation was […]