Cocaine can be legally produced and sold in Canada

The Canadian bioscience company Sunshine Earth Labs announced in recent days that obtained a license to produce and sell cocainewhich signifies an intent by the federal agency of health of improve security conditions for those people who consume the product in that country. With the intention to actually address a problem as is the opioid […]

Security concerns: USA, Canada and the EU Commission ban Tiktok on company cell phones

Abroad security concerns USA, Canada and the EU Commission ban Tiktok on company cell phones Stand: 28.02.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of a “first step” in the Tiktok ban for government employees Source: dpa You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order to display embedded content, […]

Bus crashes into Canadian nursery and seriously injures 5 children

Montreal, Canada. Five children turned out seriously injured this Wednesday when a school bus crashed into a kindergarten from the Canadian town of Laval, in the vicinity of Montreal. Canadian police reported that the conductor of the bus was arrested. At the moment the reason why the vehicle ended up crashing into the children’s center […]

López Obrador, Trudeau and Biden showed coincidences in migration and integration

Lopez Obrador was the host of the North American summit Coincidences in the value of integration and in how to address migration, even with claims for greater economic support from Mexico, were the central data of the North American summit that brought together the host president, Andrés López Obrador, with his counterpart from the United […]

5 Unique-Funny Stories of World Leaders at the Bali G20 Summit, Biden to Xi

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — High-level conference (Summit) G20 in Bali has been completed. However, this forum left unique stories from the leaders of the member countries that attended. The G20 Summit took place on November 15-16. There were 17 heads of member states present and three absent. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT Those absent […]

Canada gets tough on China

Par Ludovic Hirtzmann Posted yesterday at 6:11 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:11 p.m. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit on Wednesday in Bali, Indonesia. ADAM SCOTTI/PMO via REUTERS DECRYPTION – The Canadian Prime Minister, who is beginning a strategy of confrontation with the Asian giant, discussed with Xi […]

Xi Jinping couldn’t stand it, Trudeau’s video leaked. Harsh words were spoken [WIDEO]

Chinese leader Xi Jinping criticized the Prime Minister of Canada Justina Trudeau for revealing to the media the content of a confidential conversation between them during the G20 summit in Bali. “The camera captured a difficult conversation between Chinese leader Xi and Prime Minister Trudeau at today’s G20. Xi expresses his displeasure that everything discussed […]

Remarkable video: Xi scolds Trudeau

A diplomatic incident: Chinese President Xi Jinping beats Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in remarkable video footage. “Everything we discussed was leaked to the newspapers. That’s not appropriate and it’s not how our conversation was conducted.’ With those unmistakable words, Chinese President Xi Jinping immediately criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The informal conversation between […]