International Pharmacist Recognizes Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine

Torreón, Coahuila. – For her outstanding academic career, as well as her commitment to health, Ester Alejandra Castillo Hernández from the Torreón Unit School of Medicine received the Academic Excellence distinction awarded by the Pfizer Scientific Institute. Since 2008 the Pfizer Scientific Institute has focused on promoting and awarding the best medical students in the […]

Young man shaves and asks Ángel Carrilo for the new Xbox

Torreón, Coah.- The morning of this Friday, during the Newscast, Angel Carrillo began to receive confusing messages from a television news viewer who I had previously written to him on his Facebook page. In WhatsApp messages, a young man sent a photo, showing that he had shaved. But nevertheless, the drivers did not understand the […]

Mexican scientists obtain international certification in medical physics

MEXICO.- Evangelina Figueroa Medina and Mariana Hernández Bojórquez, graduates of the Higher School of Physics and Mathematics (ESFM) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), are the first Mexican women to have achieved International Certification in Medical Physics by International Medical Physics Certification Board (IMPCB), thus obtaining recognition as world-class professionals, in the exercise of the […]

Nuevo avance de The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

SPECIAL. – Just the next chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, was released on October 30, but those who have played this game realized that in the end a trailer of the next installment came out and here we leave it for you. WE RECOMMEND YOU: The tennis you must have Rebook and […]

Top 10 US billionaires lose $ 14 billion in a single day

SPECIAL. – As a result of the climate of uncertainty due to coronavirus infections In the world, stock markets have fallen sharply, and with them, the fortunes of America’s top millionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos y Warren Buffet. This Monday, the Industrial Average Dow Jones dropped 650 points; the index S&P 500 it […]

Back pain: tips to maintain your spine and use the computer well

Regarding work during the pandemic, we all had to adapt to the home office, that just as it has its advantages, it also has its cons, such as having to spend many hours in front of a computer and the few moments of relaxation. Obviously before we also spent a lot of time in front […]

Marcelo Mexsen: New CT Annual Golf Champion!

Torreón, Coahuila.- In a brilliant way and making history, being the first youth player, under 18 years of age, to win the Championship category, Marcelo Mexsen was proclaimed champion of the 46th edition of the Torreón Campestre Annual Golf Tournament, upon finishing with a final score of 211 strokes, after three highly contested rounds, deservingly […]

How to create invisible folders on the Windows 10 desktop | Lifestyle

Our computer has become the place where we store our entire digital life, which includes work and personal matters. And who else who less, you might be tempted to gossip and see what it finds on our hard drives, in such a way that he starts to look where he should not. So if you […]

Lorenzo Méndez sends a romantic message to “Chiquis” Rivera

MEXICO CITY.- In the middle of the marriage crisis that they have faced for weeks, which keeps them apart, Lorenzo Mendez he dedicated a romantic message to “Chiquis” Rivera for his first wedding anniversary. WE RECOMMEND: “I miss laughing together”: Karla Panini says she doesn’t have friends like Karla Luna The daughter of Jenni Rivera […]