Windows 11 startup problem after changing keyboard

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Promo: the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at 120 € (- 24%)

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID sensor is a little cheaper right now on Amazon. Apple’s keyboard is sold for €120 instead of €159. This is the lowest price to date. This is the compact version without a numeric keypad. To use the fingerprint sensor located in the upper right corner, you absolutely must have […]

Sale of computer equipment – Brussels

Rewrite this content Over 95,000 computer products accessible via our website All the computer hardware which you need Are you looking for a desktop computer, a laptop, an accessory, consumables, a printer, a monitor, a smartphone…? Optishop offers you 95,000 computer and telecommunications references, available with a simple click of the mouse, service […]

Philips unveils gaming brand Evnia | Hardware

Evnia products want to appear inclusive and contrarian Written by Tom Kauwenberg on Saturday, October 22, 2022 2:54 PM Philips’ monitor arm (TP Vision / MMD) has officially unveiled gaming brand Evnia. Under Evnia, the manufacturer aims to provide inclusive gaming products. Evnia will soon be launching a first series of monitors, as well as […]

GIA Publications – Ritual Music for Good Friday / Ritual Music for Good Friday

Ritual Music for Good Friday / Ritual Music for Good Friday Gospel Acclamation / Passion Acclamation / Presentation of the Holy Cross Tony Alonso Published with the approval of the CDW, USCCB. English text © 1969, 1981, 1997, 2010 ICEL. Spanish text: Acclamation of the Gospel © 1970, 1972 CEE; Presentation of the Holy Cross […]