The hybrid hype – for whom a semi-electric car is worthwhile

Kia with a double heart The Koreans also rely on semi-electric drives. Hamburg No matter what it costs. According to this motto, automakers now seem to be electrifying their compact models more and more. However, if the so-called 48-volt mild hybrid systems cost within a reasonable range, the technical and financial outlay for the plug-in […]

Driving report Kia X Ceed 1.6 CRDi 7DCT

I.The Golf class is full of aspirants. Some try to get the Primus with low prices, others with good equipment, the others with research-like design – Kia tries all three at the same time. The Koreans in the more pragmatic oriented Hyundai group, who are responsible for the nicer sides of automotive life, have drawn […]

KIA XCEED 1.6 T-GDI PLATIN, the premium term is expanding

How does the XCeed drive? And is the tested premium version with 204 hp and automatic a buy tip?The fact that the XCeed remains closer to the compact class despite the cross-country look has advantages in terms of rolling behavior and driving dynamics – the less high construction means that the usual compromise is a […]

Kia’s new midsize pick-up would compete with Ford Ranger

Kia finds itself developing a new pick-up truck due to the constant growth of the segment worldwide The commitment to medium-sized vehicles SUV Y pick-ups It has been constantly growing in recent months, and auto factories have paid special attention in this area. HyundaiFor example, it is in the development of its new compact truck, […]