Miss Grace selected. This is “Poland from the kitchen” [FOTO] Lomza

Today, Łomża has become the culinary capital of Poland, hosting the “Poland from the Kitchen” Festival of Rural Housewives’ Circles. The event was broadcast on Telewizja Polska. The “Polska Od Kuchni” Festival of Rural Housewives’ Circles is a nationwide, unique event, prepared to emphasize how important it is to cultivate local culture and tradition. The […]

Kendall Jenner struggles with a pickle — and the web is laughing

Actually, Kendall Jenner only wanted to cut a cucumber in the TV show “The Kardashians”, but that completely backfires. Kendall Jenner doesn’t seem to have much experience in the kitchen. – Shutterstock.com/ Andrea Raffin Ad the essentials in brief Kendall Jenner is currently being mocked on the internet. The 26-year-old model acted clumsily while slicing […]

Get the cutlery set from Zwilling at the best price

With the Easter offers from Amazon, a high-quality Gemini cutlery set is cheaper than ever. It is suitable for up to twelve people and cuts a fine figure at the dining table and also at Easter. We show the set in detail. Amazon is offering a very special Easter deal today: a 60 piece premium […]

Julia Child, a diamond in the kitchen and television

Itry spy, shark scarecrow, writer, TV star, and pioneer of French cuisine in America. They may seem like many different lives, but they are all confined to that of Julia Child, America’s Most Popular Cook and to which HBO Max dedicates the series Juliathe biopic of their lifewhich premieres today THURSDAY. Child may be unknown […]


Whether it’s dirty bikes, doghouses or dirty patio furniture, the K2 UE removes light dirt from around the house in no time. The pressure washer has been designed for occasional cleaning jobs. The standard equipment includes a gun, a 3 m high-pressure hose, a simple spray lance, as well as a water filter to protect […]

Leaks about the iPhone 14 .. Get to know it!

Leaks about the iPhone 14 .. Get to know it! وكالات-غزة بوست اعلنت بعض التسريبات الفنية عن تغييرات كبيرة قادمة على جهاز الـ iPhone 14 مقارنة بالهواتف الحالية. It was reported that Apple has already started serial production of the iPhone 14 and is preparing to announce these phones this fall. The leaks […]

properties that are good for memory

Fish, crustaceans, molluscs: our diet can be said to be varied and complete if we also find them on our table. As underlined by the Ministry of Health, the proteins present in fish are more digestible than other meats: this is due to the lower quantity of connective tissue. Not just proteins: in fact, fish […]