Are you participating in the Michelin 2020 cheer?

Are you participating in the Michelin 2020 cheer? | Digital Gastronomic Magazine Present Drafting 7/11/2019Comments On November 20, the presentation gala of the Michelin Guide 2020 for Spain and Portugal will be held at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville. In the previous edition – held in Lisbon-, Dani Garcia joined the three-star […]

Krefeld restaurants invent concepts for out-of-home business

November 19, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. Paid content: Gastronomy in Krefeld : Krefeld restaurants invent concepts for out-of-home business In the Brasserie Verve by the new fire station, around 200 meals are served to the numerous customers in one evening. Photo: Ingo Sperling Krefeld How are the restaurateurs getting through the crisis with the out-of-home […]

In the dark, hitmen kill a man in the San Isidro neighborhood

The sicariales acts in Barranquilla give no truce. This time, the inhabitants of the San Isidro neighborhood witnessed how two individuals on board a motorcycle ended the life of Adolfo Antonio Rodríguez Soto, 42, who was sitting on the terrace of his home located on Calle 51 with Carrera 29 , of the aforementioned sector. […]

Tamara Falcó endorses Irina Shayk’s favorite trend | News

When it comes to finding different outfits for you your party looksurprise you have to let your imagination run wild. Some fashion experts combine clothes that are more typical of everyday life – such as jeans– with trendy designs to give a more festive air to the whole. Bodiesflashy, sequin-studded blouses … But there are […]

Always preheat the oven empty

Anyone preheating the oven should make sure that it is empty. Because if the tray heats up, this can have a negative effect on the baking result. Why are cold sheets better? And when is preheating superfluous? In order to save time or energy, many people put their cold pizza, the cake tin with the […]

Dr. Alejandro Junger: The first pharmacy is our kitchen

“When I grew up in Uruguay 50 years ago there were no supermarkets. My mother cooked all day and with my father once a week we went to the farms. As a child I learned to distinguish which farmer raised his vegetables with love and which one did not. It was another life, with fewer […]

Cooking, the mistakes made when following the recipes

Per who loves to cook recipe books, themed television programs and also the many Youtube channels on the subject are a mine of always new ideas for their own delicacies: however, those who spignatta in the kitchen know well, not always following a recipe ensures success for a preparation. There are very common mistakes that […]

Chef Rachael Ray’s house burns down

The residence of Rachael Ray, chef and host of the Food Network, caught fire Sunday night. According to the Warren County Sheriff, firefighters began extinguishing the fire at the house located in Lake Luzerne starting at 8:00 p.m. #UPDATE: Warren County Officials say that @rachaelray and family members escaped the home without injury after fire […]