Facing Pompeo, the Chinese puzzle of Netanyahu

The tarmac at Ben-Gurion airport had not seen such unrest for more than two months, when Israel closed its borders to foreigners. On Wednesday, the Hebrew state made an exception for the express visit (six hours, watch in hand) of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem. Wearing a mask with the star-studded banner […]

Netanyahu celebrates “huge victory” in parliamentary elections in Israel

NAfter the third parliamentary elections in Israel within just one year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared himself the winner. The 70-year-old said on Tuesday night that he had won a “huge victory” that “exceeded all expectations”. However, according to the forecasts available until then, it was still unclear whether this time an absolute majority would […]

Jerusalem: indictment filed against Netanyahu

Dhe indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption has been filed with the District Court in Jerusalem. This was announced by the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday. Netanyahu had previously withdrawn his request for law enforcement immunity. The right-wing conservative prime minister wrote on Tuesday on his Facebook page that he had communicated […]