“It’s the worst summer we’ve ever known!”

Published on 08/10 at 04:00 Par Laurence Piret Cafe and restaurant owners are struggling to find qualified and… motivated labour. “It’s the worst summer we’ve known,” says the Horeca Federation ******* ** **** ** ****** *** ********* ** ******** ************** ** *********** ** ******* ********** ** ********* ******** ******** *** ***** ** ****** ******* ** […]

“Black Beauty”. The oldest Martian meteorite known to date reveals its secrets

An unknown rock nicknamed “Black Beauty” (NWA 7034) was discovered in the Sahara desert in Morocco in 2011. On display since 2015 at the Nantes Natural History Museum, this mysterious meteorite fragment is partially made up of very old Martian rocks , some dating back 4.5 billion years. Long unknown, its history was finally able […]

The member of Tomba who made history again against River

“Football is so beautiful that it has these things… Playing against a team like River always generates a special motivation, and I think that in this case we also took advantage of the moment. This is not the best River in recent times but still has the virtue of being a great team. Also, they […]

VIDEO | Summary: FC Twente wins big at Fortuna…

FC Twente had a good end to the training camp in Kamen on Friday afternoon. The team of trainer Ron Jans won the friendly match against Fortuna Düsseldorf, which will start the competition in the Second Bundesliga next week, convincingly 1-5. FC Twente and Fortuna Düsseldorf played once for 60 minutes and once for 45 […]

known to justice, he risks a lot

Published on Monday, May 30, 2022 at 06:22 Par Allison Mazzoccato In August 2021, Alexandre filmed himself at the Grosses Battes roundabout in Liège, and in the parking lot of Brico de Boncelles. He was doing drifts at the wheel of his vehicle. Identified by justice, he will appear this Thursday before the criminal court. […]

Azumarill now available in Pokémon Unite: Know its abilities and movements

Pokmon Unitethe MOBA of the Pokmon franchise on Nintendo Switch and mobile phones, already has today, April 8 of 2022, a new playable character among their ranks. We are of course talking about Azumarill, the Water Rabbit Pokémon originating from the second generation that was officially announced just a few days ago. Now we know […]