Putin thanks the Russians for winning the yes to the referendum – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, JULY 02 – Vladimir Putin thanked Russian citizens for the vote on the constitutional reform, approved according to official data by 77.92% of the voters with a turnout of 67.97%. The reform, among other things, gives Putin the opportunity to circumvent the limit of two consecutive mandates from head of state and […]

In Russia, Putin will be able to govern until 2036 with this revision of the Constitution

In Russia, Putin will be able to govern until 2036 with this revision of the Constitution The revision also introduced into the Constitution conservative principles dear to the president, such as reserving marriage to heterosexuals or faith in God. INTERNATIONAL – Russia adopted this Wednesday, July 1, the vast constitutional revision authorizing Vladimir Putin to […]

Putin’s win. Most Russian voters approved of his stay in the Kremlin

Changes in the constitution, which will allow President Vladimir Putin to double re-election to the highest office, were supported by 77.9 percent of the referendum and 21.27 percent were against. The Commission also states that the turnout was 65 percent, indicating that, according to official figures, about half of the approximately 110 million of all […]

Changes in the constitution were supported by 78 percent of Russians, say the election commission. The opposition questioned the results – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the Central Election Commission, 77.92 percent of Russians supported the relevant constitutional amendments, and 99.97 percent of the constituencies. According to her, 21.27 percent of voters opposed changes to the constitution. 65 percent of the approximately 110 million eligible voters exercised the right to vote. The Kremlin can be satisfied with the results, […]

Russian Voters Support Referendum Make Putin President until 2036

Moscow – The majority of Russian voters approved the constitutional amendments in the national vote. Based on the partial results, President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to extend the government to 2036 will be realized. Reported AFPOn Thursday (2/7/2020), 60 percent of the ballots had been counted after 6 days of voting. As a result, 76.9 percent […]

Vladimir Putin gains support from Russians to stay in power beyond 2024

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, obtained the majority support of the Russians on Wednesday to continue in the Kremlin beyond 2024, in a constitutional plebiscite widely criticized for the lack of transparency and the exceptional sanitary conditions in which it was held due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. With 63.5% of the votes […]

Afghanistan: Donald Trump, not read not taken

The statement speaks volumes about the nature of the Trump administration, faced with new criticism of the President’s supposed wait-and-see attitude, and his benevolence toward the Kremlin: “The President reads”, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House spokeswoman, said Tuesday. Trump is accused of not reading the notes sent to him by the intelligence services. “The President […]

What did he know about the alleged bounty on US soldiers?

Secret service reports of Russian bounty payments to US soldiers spark outrage in Washington. Donald Trump does not want to have known anything about all of this. How can that be? The American President is usually informed of new intelligence information every morning. The so-called “President’s Daily Brief” is a top secret, concise document on […]