Ruined teeth by TikTok beauty trend

Trends are spreading like wildfire on social media platforms like TikTok. Often these are harmless and intended for fun or entertainment. But now several TikTok trends have emerged that health experts classify as harmful and even dangerous. As the BBC reports, the UK Department of Health, the Association of Dermatologists and the UK dental community […]

Concerts to test the spread of the virus

Is it possible to re-authorize pop concerts despite the Covid-19? The German University of Halle on Saturday conducted a gigantic life-size experiment with more than 2000 participants to try to answer it. A famous pop singer in Germany, Tim Bendzko, agreed to take part in this test by giving three mini-concerts in different formats in […]

Are the weapons exhibited in the videos of clashes in Dijon real or fake?

Question asked on 06/16/2020 Hello, You seize us following the events which have taken place for a few days in Dijon (Côte-d’Or). The city is the scene of violent and unprecedented clashes between members of the Chechen community and residents of Dijon, against a backdrop of settling of scores “Community”, in the words of the […]

A group of super-rich wants to be taxed more

“As Covid-19 hits the world, millionaires like us have an essential role to play in healing the world,” ask signatories of an open letter, including co-founder of American ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s, Jerry. Greenfield, or British director Richard Curtis. The letter, published before the meeting of G20 finance ministers and this week’s extraordinary […]

Gold crosses a symbolic bar

Gold surpassed the symbolic bar of 1,800 dollars (around 1,600 euros) an ounce on Wednesday, under which it had been trading since November 2011, in an uncertain economic environment favorable to this safe haven. Gold reached the London Bullion Market at 8:30 a.m. GMT (10:30 a.m.CET) at $ 1800.86 an ounce, its highest in eight […]

Army deployed to capital after deadly protests in Ethiopia

The situation is getting worse in Ethiopia. On Tuesday July 1, the military was deployed to the capital Addis Ababa while deadly protests were held for the second day in a row. More than 80 people have already died in the protests sparked by the assassination of popular singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa on Monday evening. Among […]

Ancient Aboriginal sites discovered in the sea

Aboriginal sites have been uncovered off the Australian coast for the first time by archaeologists, paving the way for the discovery of ancient settlement areas that have been covered by water since the end of the last ice age. AFP Hundreds of ancient stone tools made by indigenous peoples living in present-day Australia at least […]

The eagle catches shark. Video of osprey with a huge fish in the claws

The scene shot in Myrtle Beach, a seaside resort in South Carolina (United States) – Ed Piotrowski WPDE / Facebook /CorriereTv A spectacular scene that filmed by Ashley White from her balcony overlooking the beach of Myrtle Beach, a seaside resort in South Carolina (United States). In fact, the woman managed to catch a fish […]