The NBA turned into a coronavirus laboratory: the key is to detect viral load

During the resumption of the league in the Disney World ‘bubble’ thousands of PCRs were carried out These results allow us to see the importance of measuring the evolution of the viral load, key according to several studies to stop chains of contagion The time of highest viral load and maximum risk of contagion occurs […]

IMSS workers accuse failures in laboratory services hired at a premium

Workers of the IMSS in at least nine states denounced failures in laboratory services provided by three new providers hired by the institute, which puts the health of patients at risk with errors in clinical studies, confusion in personal data and lack of equipment and supplies for reactive tests. In documents to which THE UNIVERSAL […]

Order to collect drugs for diabetes by carcinogen

Read this article in Spanish in the Miami Herald. Authorities ordered the collection of a batch of the Type 2 diabetes medicine metformin, Riomet ER, after laboratory tests revealed it had too much of a carcinogen NDMA. The Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries company, also known as Sun Pharma, has released Riomet’s batch number AB06381 of 500 […]

The most powerful vitamin that protects even against superinfections has been identified

USA, Aug 22, 2020 /LIVE24/. Recently, scientists have begun to make claims about the emergence of viruses that have developed immunity against antibiotics. A recent study by specialists from the United States showed that vitamin B3 will help humanity cope with infections. Studies on laboratory mice, as well as work with donated blood samples, have […]

Coronavirus: a mobile laboratory will soon allow rapid testing at Brussels Airport

The mobile laboratory will be installed outside the airport terminal (departures level) and passengers will be able to perform a PCR test there. The tests will be analyzed on site in the mobile laboratory. UA Covid-19 mobile test laboratory will soon be installed at Brussels Airport, which will allow passengers returning from a red zone […]

“The Government supports the Barranquilla proposal for now”: Ernesto Lucena

It has been one of the protagonists in the era of the pandemic. Ernesto Lucena, Minister of Sports, has figured quite a bit in the midst of the bickering around the biosafety protocol and the entire process of restarting Colombian professional football. In dialogue with EL HERALDO, the minister referred to the burning issues of […]

“We are not going to send samples to that Bahia laboratory again”

Puan municipal authorities confirmed that there was a false-positive case of Covid-19 in the district’s main city, a situation they attributed to an error made by the Bahía Blanca laboratory, to which they sent the first swab performed to the suspected patient. “We have decided not to send more samples to that laboratory and, from […]

They develop technology to find more efficient stem cells in medicine

An international team of scientists has discovered a new “fast and simple” technology that enables more efficient stem cells to be obtained for regenerative medicine, a technique that would be applicable in diseases in which cell loss or degeneration is suffered. By introducing a molecule (the microRNA 203), the new protocol boosts, both in a […]