They develop technology to find more efficient stem cells in medicine

An international team of scientists has discovered a new “fast and simple” technology that enables more efficient stem cells to be obtained for regenerative medicine, a technique that would be applicable in diseases in which cell loss or degeneration is suffered. By introducing a molecule (the microRNA 203), the new protocol boosts, both in a […]

They occupy former Ambassador Sanclemente’s farm and capture three people

Deputy prosecutor Martha Mancera reported Wednesday at a press conference that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police occupied the four properties of the former ambassador Fernando Sanclemente’s farm, located in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where a cocaine processing laboratory was found. Likewise, the official indicated that “three people who allegedly worked in the crystallizer were captured.” The […]

Golden Gate receives its first patients this Wednesday

As of this Wednesday, the Puerta de Oro Events Center will become the Early Care Center for patients with COVID-19 in the Barranquilla District. In this space, as explained by the Mayor of Barranquilla, patients with mild or moderate symptoms and who are unable to be in their homes during the incubation period of the […]

Dimayor announces the League’s return schedule

The Dimayor socialized, through a statement sent last Monday night, the provisions, tests, dates and requirements to roll out the biosecurity protocol for the return of Colombian football in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In the guide text, which was sent to all FPC teams, you can see the detailed step by step that […]

Start Steals First, China Successfully Created Corona Vaccine and Immediately Injected to its Military Forces, Has Been Spread Widen Even though the World is in Need – All Pages

Gridhot.ID – The world is in turmoil following the outbreak of the coronary virus. Although some countries have begun to try to get up slowly, the corona vaccine is still still the main goal. The latest news about the corona virus vaccine is coming from China. Also Read: Becoming the Youngest Boy with the Highest […]

“In Barranquilla the networks made believe that the virus did not exist”

In the framework of the accountability of the Ministry of Health and before the question of EL HERALDO about the attention of the coronavirus pandemic in Barranquilla and Atlántico, which are among the territorial entities with the highest infections, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso , warned this Tuesday that work is carried […]

The technological HessTec will move its energy storage laboratory to Valencia

VALENCIA. Valencia has become a benchmark in energy and environment and increasingly, companies are looking to the city to settle. This has been decided by the Seville technology company HessTec (Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions), which in the coming months will move its energy storage laboratory to Valencia. The company, who works with companies like Endesa […]