Coronavirus. Investigation of patients with heart failure

It is a call for witnesses launched by the Heart Failure & Cardiomyopathies Group of the French Society of Cardiology for the benefit of its patients. Access to care was complicated at the time of confinement: unscheduled consultations and patients themselves reluctant to consult in the city or in the hospital , regrets Professor Erwan […]

The horror spreads to PS4 and Xbox One

On April 28, 2020, Destructive Creations, All in! Games, Meridiem Games and Invader Studios published the survival horror game Daymare: already released for PC in 1998 in cooperation with Slipgate Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (Microsoft Store). The PS4 version is even available in stores as an exclusive Black Edition with premium box, […]

New York postpones deconfinement, other American states launch out

Fwith enough declines in coronavirus hospitalizations, New York and some large American urban areas are resisting the sirens of deconfinement, but other American states are moving ahead, such as Georgia, which authorized Monday the reopening of its restaurants. The democratic governor of the State of New York, epicenter of the epidemic with 292,000 confirmed cases […]

Analyst suspects: PS5 launch in May

Traditionally, Sony and Microsoft presented their consoles on time for the E3 in Los Angeles in June. But this year the gaming fair will be canceled due to COVID-19. But what happens to the announcements and launches around video games and the associated hardware that would otherwise have taken place during the trade fair week? […]

LG Velvet: smartphone with raindrop camera officially launched

After LG introduced a completely new design language for smartphones a week ago, the first new model has now been announced. The LG Velvet is a mid-range smartphone with a more modern design and a raindrop camera. The South Korean electronics manufacturer has now published a video about the upcoming LG Velvet. As expected, the […]

In France, launch of a test with plasma from cured patients

The clinical trial will involve transfusing blood plasma from people recovered from Covid-19 to “patients with acute illness”. Un a clinical trial consisting in transfusing blood plasma from people recovered from Covid-19 to “patients in acute phase of the disease” will start on April 7 in France, the establishments responsible for conducting it announced on […]

Mix of Crazy Taxi and Snake are also on gas on PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Stovetop and Digerati also released the skill strip Snakeybus, which was already released for PC (95 percent positive reviews on Steam), on April 1st, 2nd and 3rd for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The download in the Microsoft Store costs 11.99 euros, while in the eShop a launch discount of 20 percent (9.59 […]

The middle finger spaceship has also landed on Xbox One and PS4

Wide Right Interactive released its 2D shoot’em-up Freedom Finger alias Freiheitsfinger, already released for PC and Nintendo Switch, on March 23, 2020 for Xbox One and on March 24 for PlayStation 4. The download costs € 13.99 in the PlayStation Store and € 14.99 in the Microsoft Store. In the game description it says:“Freedom Finger […]

Microsoft will soon introduce new office subscriptions for private users

Microsoft today started sending invitations to an online event to select journalists. The event on March 30th, however, will probably not be about new Surface products, as one might assume due to the timing. Rather, according to Microsoft specialist Mary-Jo Foley, the so-called Microsoft 365 Life Services should be the focus of interest. The software […]

Courts suspend seven evictions every day in Barcelona | Catalonia

The courts of Barcelona are increasingly forced to postpone the evictions they order. Last year they issued 2,560 suspensions, which is an average of seven each day. The difficulty of social services to provide alternatives to vulnerable families, the lack of police presence and, in particular, the pressure of citizens on the street are explaining […]