Recourse against promise of sale not kept due to mortgage

Bonjour, Let me tell you the facts: A promise of sale has been signed between the parties for residential accommodation, the procedure is proceeding normally, and everything is ready for the signing of the final deed of sale on the date agreed upon during the promise of sale. The day before the signature, the notary […]

La Nación / Conmebol’s lawyer considers that there was no due diligence

In the case of the complaint against managers of the Atlas bank for alleged money laundering. In May 2022, the Superintendency of Banks of the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) initiated supervisory proceedings to assess the reasonableness of the systems for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism in the Atlas bank, related […]

Paweł Szalewicz: Lawyer Warsaw (branch office)

LawyerRestructuring Advisor Career Paweł Szalewicz is a lawyer, restructuring consultant and a member of the corporate/M&A team at SDZLEGAL SCHINDHELM law firm. As part of his work, he supports domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in the field of contract law, corporate law, M&A transactions and in particular bankruptcy and restructuring law. Paweł Szalewicz gained his previous […]

Lawyer Marc Nitschke, overseas

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At the moment, no exam is required to issue a professional lawyer’s card.

In the present case, the plaintiff presented tutela because he considers that the National Registry Unit of Lawyers and Justice Assistants violated his fundamental rights by denying him the issuance of his professional lawyer card based on the failure to present the planned State exam. in Law 1905 of 2018. In this context, the Labor […]

Red light violations by SUV drivers: higher fines? | Right

Image: Haufe Online Editors According to the Higher Regional Court, the mere fact that an SUV is larger and heavier than another car does not justify the imposition of a higher fine. The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court rejected the much-discussed decision by an AG, according to which a red light violation with an SUV leads […]

Attorney Dr. Thomas Grabig | hdmw

Since 2003, Dr. Grabig initially worked for several years in the commercial law firms Preu Bohlig & Partner and Franz & Schulkamp. In addition to liability law, the focus of his legal work was initially commercial legal protection and copyright. Later, attorney Dr. Grabig deepened the real estate-related legal areas and was particularly active in […]

Abuse of criminal law instruments to combat foundations

ptp20221018046 Politics/law, business/economy Dresden, October 18, 2022 (ptp046/10/18/2022/7:45 p.m.) – The defense alleges the abuse of criminal tax law to combat foundations for fiscal motives Attorney Franz-Josef Schillo, defending the founder of a foundation, demanded the replacement of the previous public prosecutor against the Saxon Attorney General last week. He also raised written reprimands against […]