a major challenge for air freight

It is in this large air-conditioned hangar at Frankfurt airport that millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines will transit. Preparations are accelerating Here, employees see tons of pharmaceutical products stored at low temperature arriving in containers every day. With the upcoming distribution of vaccines around the world, the pace will increase dramatically. “The stress is […]

France announces the death of Ba Ag Moussa, a senior jihadist executive

The rumor had been swelling for three days on social networks and in the international press. The French Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, confirmed this Friday in a press release the death of Ba Ag Moussa in Mali, in the region of Ménaka, zone of the three borders Mali-Burkina-Niger. The French army, the […]

Race to the last key states: Biden wins Wisconsin

America has been awake for several hours but still does not know the name of its next president. It takes 270 voters for a candidate to be elected. Here are the latest estimates while the count is still in progress. ** Joe Biden: 248 voters Donald Trump: 214 voters ** We are covering the latest […]

VIRAL: The shameful moment that Donald Trump’s lawyer starred in a conference

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES.- Last Thursday, a press conference called by the president’s team was held in the United States Donald Trump, where they would talk about the alleged electoral fraud that has been denounced even before the recent presidential elections held in the North American country on November 3. At the appearance, the evidence that […]

EU will “soon” finalize contract to purchase up to 300 million doses

The European drug gendarme examines data from Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine against Covid-19, of which the EU will “soon” finalize an order to buy up to 300 million doses, according to the European Commission which is still counting on a first vaccine available “early 2021”. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has already received two sets […]

Emmanuel Macron understands that caricatures can “shock” but denounces violence

It was the first interview with Emmanuel Macron since the outbreak of boycott calls and anti-French protests in some Muslim countries. In a long interview broadcast Saturday, October 31 by the Al-Jazeera channel, Emmanuel Macron said he understood that Muslims could be “shocked” by the cartoons of Mohammed but that they did not justify the […]

Victim of a traffic accident, Samuel Eto brain traumatized

Dakarposte has learned that the international Samuel Eto, returning from festivities in West Cameroon, near Nkongsamba, was the victim of a serious accident on Sunday. It comes back to us that his vehicle was hit and seriously damaged. Last I heard, the Indomitable Lions’ top scorer in history is suffering from a head injury. Eto’o […]

Britney Spears loses her ‘divorce’ lawsuit from her father – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, NOV 11 – Britney Spears has at least temporarily lost the appeal to “divorce” her “master father” James Spears: a Los Angeles court refused to examine the case presented by the 38-year-old pop star to break the bond who has subjected his finances and career to paternal decisions for over a […]

What are we supposed to call Kamala Harris’s husband?

The 2020 presidential election they have resulted in a series of first experiences for everyone. From about atypical choices in their development and logistics due to the Covid-19 pandemic, up to Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat and validate the results. After a chaotic week full of uncertainty, Joe Biden became the 46th President […]

British actor Sean Connery has died aged 90

Scottish actor Sean Connery, legendary performer of Agent 007, has died at the age of 90, the BBC reported on Saturday, citing his family. The actor has had a long career crowned with numerous awards including an Oscar, two Bafta and three Golden Globes. At over 80, he continued to embody a certain masculine ideal, […]