They leave in the intermediate room the use of non-lethal weapons for serenity

In order to discuss and expand the study on whether the serenade troops should be equipped with non-lethal weapons to help the Peruvian National Police (PNP) in the fight against crime, the Plenary of Congress left this issue in an intermediate room . Indeed, it was after starting a debate in which a majority agreed […]

Three injured leave train derailment in West Virginia, USA

And train with four locomotives and 22 empty wagons derailed this wednesday in West Virginia, United States (USA), causing injuries to three of the crew of the means of transport. The CSX Transportation company stated in a statement, quoted by local media, that the train lost its course supposedly due to a rockslide near Summers […]

16 spaces in Barcelona will have new women’s names from this March

After adding 9 new women to the city a year ago, starting this March 16 streets, gardens, squares and interior blocks of the city of Barcelona will have new women’s names. Coinciding with the month of International Women’s DayBarcelona City Council will change the nomenclature of these public spaces to “compensate for the historical oblivion […]

All bus routes that will be free from February

With the start of the new year, some of the measures adopted to reduce the impact of the fuel crisis have been suspended, but new ones have emerged. As of February 2023, long-distance buses that are part of the State network will go from having a 50% discount to being completely free for those recurring […]

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An Indian communication application leaves the data of 153,000 users available on the Internet

A security researcher discovered that a social networking app originating in India had left an internal database of personal data of thousands of users, including children, exposed online for several months. A researcher, Anurag Sen, at CloudDefense, a platform for cloud computing and application risk reduction services, found a security vulnerability leading to the Slick […]