The leaves | The Basque newspaper

I had not wondered, until this autumn, if the leaves fall or if, on the contrary, they are thrown into the void taking advantage of a blast of air. In any case, I admire trees for their ability to get rid of what they no longer provide. Winter is coming and nature is protecting itself. […]

Can the weather affect my asthma? (for children)

Can the weather make a person’s asthma symptoms worse? Yes! Let’s find out why. How can the weather affect asthma? Seasonal changes, a storm, or a sudden change in weather can make it harder to breathe or cause an attack. Here’s how the weather can make asthma symptoms worse: The cold, dry air It can […]

Castelló lets citizens choose who the new literary award is dedicated to

The local government has wanted the name of this new award to be chosen by the neighborhood. To promote popular consultation, the names of 4 Valencian women who have stood out in different fields, scientific, literary, educational and who are linked to the locality or the region have been proposed. They are Did√≠n Puig, Maria […]