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Our country continues to provide subsidies such as the Universal Family Bonus (Independent Bonus, Rural Bonus), Bonus for Children, School Bonus, Electricity Bonus, etc. Given this, TODAY, Tuesday, January 26Learn how to collect each one of them and, in addition, how you can verify if you belong to the list of beneficiaries. It should be […]

Enjoy The Mortgage Child

El Niño de la Hipoteca (alter ego of Guiu Cortés) has been a revolution in the world of music and one of the pioneers, in this country, of the multi-tasking artist format that is self-published, self-produced and self-managed. He is known as much for his novel ideas when it comes to spreading his music as […]

Hechingen: Virtual monsters are captured – Hechingen & surroundings

There are over 600 Pokémon characters, and new ones are added every few months There are over 600 different Pokémon characters that can be collected and new ones are added every few months. Good ones are kept, bad ones are deleted or exchanged with other players, because they can improve in the process. Rare Pokémon […]

Cologne: parks and green spaces are full of strollers

Two young people play Frisbee on a meadow in the Volksgarten, a gray-haired woman watches ducks at the boat pond, while behind her children hang in the climbing frame. The park is well attended on Saturday afternoon, even if there was no sign of snow. One or the other mask on the chin is reminiscent […]