Bolsonaro’s minister resigned before taking office for lying on his resume

The Brazilian government, under Jair Bolsonaro, starred in a new scandal. Five days after being formalized as Minister of Education, Carlos Decotelli left office on Tuesday after it was discovered that he lied on his academic resume. The problems began a few hours after President Jair Bolsonaro announced his appointment last week highlighting his university […]

Richard Mervyn Hare, ethics at heart

Said law or guillotine de Hume does not cut heads: only undue conclusions or inferences. Those who move from “what is” to “what must be”, from what describes a fact (Paul is a doctor) in what is an imperative or a prescription (Anna must close the window). This “cut” is not so simple. May Paul […]

“We accept lies as part of communication”

To asset Javier Rey (Noia, La Coruña, 40 years old), capable of starring in several series and movies in the same year, has had a “dry break” caused by the coronavirus. “I had been working so hard for so long, that confined I do the things that were accumulated for when it stopped,” says Rey, […]

Georges Nivat: “In Russia there is the idea that there is no truth, only opinions”

The memories of Russia are multiple. It is this plurality that the specialist of Russian culture Georges Nivat continues to explore in the monument work Sites of Russian memory, whose second volume – “History and myths of Russian memory” – was recently published by Fayard editions. On several hundred pages are listed the topoi from […]

CPD Officer Not Fired About Shooting McDonald’s Laquan, says Lawyer – NBC Chicago

An attorney for a Chicago police officer said his client had not intentionally about how he saw the lethal shooting at Laquan McDonald 2014 by Jason Van Dyke. The Chicago Policing Board Ricardo Viramontes and three other officers were released last year due to statements made by an investigation detective or police reports. The statements […]

Burger King’s new “Moldy Whopper” ad is educational and disgusting

By showing what a 34-day Whopper should look like, Burger King became disgusting and did his best for his latest food advertising campaign. Burger King continues to do his best when it comes to his advertising schemes, from offering free Whoppers to customers despised for love on Valentine’s Day in exchange for photos of his […]

Last minute … from Russia to Turkey shocking accusation: They’re lying

In Syria, where chaos and violence have not ended for years, eyes have been turned to Idlib recently. Russia supported a succession of attacks on Assad’s forces editing, thousands of civilians fleeing the conflict moving toward the border with Turkey. Russia and Turkey in Idlib relations in the last month that killed 15 Turkish soldiers […]

The great farce of the “hive floors” | Madrid

Marc Olivé answers the phone and the first thing he hears is his voice in a fight with the waiter. The man who shouts asking not to touch his nose is the same spiky character, with glasses and a beard, who has appeared hundreds of times on televisions, radios and newspapers around the world saying […]