These are the 90 nominations for the 2023 Oscars of Watchmaking

Fani Zafraka-Themelidis 02.10.2023 • 13:29 A distinction at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix is ​​for watchmakers and watch companies the reward of a whole year’s work. In many cases, it is the culmination of several years of intensive work, starting from creative inspiration and reaching the development and implementation of an idea. Effort, time and […]

Thieves took the life of a resident in the south of Neiva

How Jimmy Malambo Moreno, the worker murdered by alleged criminals in the south of Neiva, was identified. The city of Neiva is on alert due to the wave of crime that is plaguing its streets. Jimmy Malambo Moreno, a food delivery driver, was murdered while delivering an order in the South of the city. The […]

It is announced who paid the highest salary in August

In August, the company “NDX Group” indirectly controlled by businessman Nerijaus Numa paid the highest salaries in Lithuania – six employees were paid 71.4 thousand each. euros (before taxes), open Sodra data shows. Sap, a computer licensing company of the German capital, with five employees, paid an average of 29.1 thousand. euros, the average salary […]

Residents of the Riguero neighborhood participate in life protection

More than 230 people from the Riguero neighborhood of district one of Managua participated in the Third national exercise for the Protection of Life against multi-threat. An event promoted by the government from the National System of Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters (Sinapred). The exercise was carried out at the Modern Workshops two blocks […]

Hofhaymer Festival: The fear of death elicits full life

A special treat in the musical calendar is coming up: The Paul Hofhaymer Society is organizing a festival. A life-threatening pandemic has broken out. A few young people therefore flee the city and bunker down in a country house. So that they don’t get bored in this self-imposed quarantine, they tell each other stories – […]

Nissan’s new European cars will all be EVs – Impress Watch

Concept 20-23 On the 25th (local time), Nissan Europe subsidiary, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., announced its goal for all new models launched in Europe to be electric vehicles. We will move forward with a complete switch to EVs by 2030. From now on, all new Nissan models launched in Europe will be EVs. Nissan Europe, […]

A WhatsApp message threatens the life of a young man and sends 3 to prison

Home accidents and crimes 23 seconds ago Watan Al-Youm: Messages on the “WhatsApp” application almost claimed the life of a young man, while throwing two brothers and their friend into prison.In detail, a young man (the victim) got to know three others (the defendants) via the social networking program “WhatsApp,” and then a dispute broke […]

We swallowed the pill! Will there be an antibiotic nightmare?

Warnings continue regarding the use of antibiotics, which have increased again during the Covid-19 period. While the latest research shows that 1.2 million people worldwide lost their lives due to antibiotic resistance, unconscious antibiotic consumption in Turkey also invites the emergence of resistant microbes. While it is stated that drug-resistant microbes develop in many people […]