Breathing hard in hot weather can make it more contagious

WEARING THE MASK – With the heat, you drip under your mask. In transport, enclosed spaces or even outdoors in public spaces in certain municipalities, it is mandatory. And with the return of the strong heat expected from this Sunday, September 13, this will not help. The hotter it is, the harder you breathe, and […]

According to the pole in the queen’s back: Perhaps Harry doesn’t mean that!

Before Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (39) left the royal family, they promised to divide their time between the United States and Great Britain. So far, however, the prince’s heart seems to be drawn more to the United States than to his homeland. During an interview with British rugby players, he revealed that he […]

Can hair soap and solid shampoo convince? Well-known brand fails

“Öko-Test” took a closer look at solid shampoo. The result is largely positive – but a well-known cosmetics brand fails when it comes to perfuming. Solid shampoos and hair soaps generally not only meet the desire for less waste, but also those for a sustainable and low-irritant list of ingredients. This is what a study […]

Daycare centers are the worst in these federal states

A good daycare center is now difficult to find. Often they are already full and heavily overloaded. A study has published current figures on the federal states in which daycare conditions are particularly poor. According to an analysis by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the majority of all daycare children in Germany attend a facility with too […]

The cards turned: Poor Harry! From the words of the expert, he freezes

According to the expert, the couple exchanged roles after moving to Los Angeles. Prince Harry is reportedly in a situation as in the case of Native American Meghan in Great Britain. After leaving the royal family, the couple decided to divide their lives between the United States and Great Britain. However, due to the coronavirus […]

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Did they unleash mass extinctions at the end of the Devonian supernova?

Simulation of a supernova affected by solar wind. Credit: Jesse Miller / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Some hypotheses return as a boomerang. Sometimes they’re just too sexy for people to forget. This is the case with the theory that supernovae are responsible for at least some of the extinctions in Earth’s history. She reappears […]

The cry from the heart of the mother of a little girl with autism

AUTISM – “That day, that lady’s malevolent gaze and that word, it pierced me completely.” This attitude towards her youngest child, Nephthys, soon to be 10 years old, non-verbal autism, Alexandra Cunha can not take it anymore. “When people look at her badly, from their point of view, someone is behaving badly. Me, it’s the […]