Djokovic girlfriend unpacks: “His life is hell” – Sportmix

Novak Djokovic has retired in Belgrade. A close friend reports how the tennis superstar is doing now. Ex-pro Flavia Pennetta and Djokovic are close friends. Pennetta’s husband Fabio Fognini is also considered one of the Serb’s best friends on the ATP tour. The Italian gives insights into the emotional life of “Djoker”. Caught! Djokovic sat […]

I was paralyzed… Claims to “began to walk after vaccination”

“I couldn’t walk 5 years ago due to a spinal injury, but after receiving the vaccine, I partially recovered my leg.” ↑ An Indian man who said his paralysis disappeared after being vaccinated against COVID-19 / Photo = Capture of The Sun It has been claimed that the paralysis symptoms disappeared after the new coronavirus […]

The ‘Handong-hoon Prevention Act’ is coming out… Han Dong-hoon, “It’s not me, but total anti-constitutionalism should be stopped”

Ministry of Justice completes research service to introduce crime of obstruction of justiceHan Dong-hoon “Candidate Jae-myung Lee also exercised his right to defend” ↑ (From left) Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon and former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae / Photo = Yonhap News The Ministry of Justice is speeding up the introduction of the law by completing a […]

Remnants of a star explosion hurtles through space – science

Scientists have made an extraordinary discovery about the star LP 40-365. It is the remainder of a supernova. Boston University astronomers have discovered more about one of the fastest objects in our galaxy – the star LP 40-365. This flies through space at 850 kilometers per second. Observations now confirm that it is the relic […]

How brain researchers want to unravel the riddles of the brain

One thing is certain: there is no greater scientific puzzle than our own brain. The majority of it is water, the rest is mostly fat. And yet, this roughly 1.5 kilo lump of matter produces our thoughts, memories and feelings. It determines how we interact with the world – and controls our body. Research is […]

Reto Parolari – His life. His music.

Documentary film about the Winterthur musician Reto Parolari, who died in 2019. Reto Parolari was a conductor, multi-instrumentalist, circus bandmaster, composer, arranger, author of specialist books and much more. But who is the person behind the jack-of-all-trades ‘Reto Parolari’? With the help of companions, friends, fellow musicians and family members, we try to get to […]

Why a deficiency can lead to gray hair

When it comes to gray hair, opinions often differ widely. Some are happy about the silvery strands, others prefer to get rid of them very quickly. Regardless of your opinion: gray hair is part of the natural aging process to. Sooner or later, each of us turns gray. Some earlier than others. And it’s not […]