Nissan will release a new compact crossover in July 2020

The world premiere will take place in 2 weeks. Photo: Nissan’s new compact crossover, source: Nissan Motor Compact crossovers are in demand around the world due to its versatility and practicality. Japanese automaker Nissan Motor decided to catch the trend and announced that it would release a new compact crossover in July 2020. The company […]

The dive is over: prices for petrol and diesel rise in June

• Evaluations by Clever Tanken show: petrol prices rose by 7 cents compared to May, diesel prices by 4 cents • Gasoline-diesel scissors open further • Super E10 cheapest in Bonn, Munich and Nuremberg • Super E10 most expensive in Bremen, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne • Diesel cheapest in Bonn, Bochum and Munich • […]

very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 […]

Why it is better to choose a Skoda Octavia with a 1.6-liter engine

This version of the Czech liftback will not ruin the owners. Surely everyone knows that the Skoda Octavia has a wide variety of engines that are characterized by increased reliability and endurance. But in this regard, not all Russians will be able to choose the best option Czech liftback. Under the hood of the “Octavia” […]

More like that? What remains of Renault Megan for 23 years

How large is the reliability reserve of the Renault Megan sedan in 1997? In addition to the Megan sedan, a hatchback and station wagon are presented. The machine does not have any problems with corrosion resistance, however time begins to take its toll, so the sills and bottom can begin to rot and crumble. Under […]

Everything we need to know about Susanin

The network shows a render of a handsome man. Nissan Pathfinder was born in 1996, and in 2021 it is waiting for the next update. What do we need to know about this beauty? Go. The style. Exterior the new “Pafika” will be more elegant and “fresh” – the car will be made in the […]

Take to Russia! What to expect from a seven-seater Hyundai Creta?

The network got fresh spy shots of the crossover. They give more idea of ​​what size will be the new seven-seater “Creta”. So, the Korean crossover has increased in length and significantly exceeds the five-seat version, whose length is 4,300 mm. Also, the three-row Hyundai Creta looks slightly higher than the two-row version, the height […]

Haval F7 may “kill” Atlas sales

Atlas for a long time held the lead among Chinese cars in Russia, but in March it was replaced by a strong competitor. Over the past month, Russians purchased 642 Haval F7 cars, which allowed the crossover to take first place in sales among Chinese-made cars. Geely dealers sold 575 Atlas units over the same […]

Why Hyundai Creta still holds the lead

For four years in the Russian market SUV position only strengthened. Despite the fact that the range of manufacturers is updated annually, Hyundai Creta from 2016 to this day still holds the lead in sales in Russia. According to statistics, over the past month, the “Korean” sold 7,000 copies in circulation ahead of Toyota RAV4 […]