A theater company facing the coronavirus

The presentation of the characters is essential. Les Indiscrets is first and foremost a duo, Jean-Louis Baille playing and Lucie Gougat directing. They are accompanied by their former classmates, the light designer, Franck Roncière, and the actor Dario Costa, present since the birth of the company in 1994. Other faithful artists and technicians will join […]

Mercedes Barcha, wife and muse of Gabriel García Márquez, has died

It was the Mexican minister of culture, Alejandra Frausto, who announced the death in Mexico City, at the age of 87, of Mercedes Barcha, wife of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The woman, who lived in the Mexican capital, suffered from respiratory problems. Mercedes and García Márquez had met when they were boys, during […]

Charles Bukowski, phrases and poems by the irreverent author

Among the most cited artists of the twentieth century, today he would have turned 100 years old. From “Notebook of a dirty old man” to “Drunk companions” to “Pulp”, here is the portrait of the master of dirty realism through his most famous expressions “If something bad happens, you drink to forget. If something good […]

Charles Bukowski a century later. Great poet, drunk and enlightened

The centenary of Charles Bukowski, born on August 16, 1920, destined to arouse many memories and nostalgia above all, is to be believed, among those who read it as a child, in the troubled and visionary seventies. Especially in Europe, because the cult was born in Germany, in France and here in Italy, where Feltrinelli […]