Why is it so important that Russia’s “unsinkable aircraft carrier” is blocked by a small piece of land? | International | Newtalk News

Recently, a Russian enclave “Kaliningrad” has become the latest focus of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Lithuania recently enforced EU sanctions, imposing a ban on the transport of passengers and goods by rail in the enclave, an area of ​​only 15,000 square kilometers, which has caused a diplomatic dispute between Russia and Lithuania. On June 18, Lithuania […]

The small plane flew unregistered by six NATO countries

It is also unknown to whom the unregistered machine belongs. The plane was sold to three Bulgarians by Bronius Zaronskis, a retired Lithuanian military pilot. According to the reports of the Lithuanian media, the man does not know who the buyers of the machine were. He told reporters that he spoke Russian with one of […]

Stefan Kuntz Serdar Dursun has made his decision! In the match against Lithuania…

According to the news of Fanatik; He is expected to perform at 11 for the first time against Lithuania. LAST SEASON’S PERFORMANCE IN FENERBAHÇE The performance of the experienced player, who brought 4 goals together with the nets in a total of 99 minutes, also makes the technical team very happy. Serdar Dursun performed 15 […]

Jaguar Sport SUV at Rally Press top drivers questioning the laws of physics

The exclusive car event in the Baltics – the Press Rally – was usually dominated by precisely controlled hot hatchbacks, powerful roadsters and perfectly balanced coupe models with a classic composition. However, technological progress is changing these seemingly unshakable provisions as well. The Jaguar team has shown that advanced engineering solutions can give a luxury […]

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania no longer import Russian electricity | NOW

The Baltic states no longer import electricity from Russia, Nord Pool, a European exchange for trading electricity, reports. Due to sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian energy supplier InterRAO has been banned from selling electricity in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since Sunday. The Baltic states have been trying to become less dependent […]

L. Kleiza: “When Juozukas” fed the dot “- I didn’t get up for the day”

The Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) presents an exclusive conversation to the attention of the then head coach of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team, commemorating the centenary of basketball Kęstutis Kemzūra and carried the team on his shoulders in bronze Linas Kleiza revealed unheard stories. “I was most stuck with one thing – the singing team. […]

Photos: Baltic Glitter, Soviet Shadow

13 photos On December 25, 1991, the red flag with the hammer and sickle was removed from the facade of the Kremlin in Moscow. The Soviet Union had ceased to exist. Fifteen countries started their independence then, among them, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic trio regained sovereignty, but the Soviet past remains visible to […]

Support Ukraine, Lithuania bans ‘Z’ symbol representing Russia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Lithuanian parliament banned the public display of the letter “Z”, St George’s black and orange ribbon, and other symbols deemed to express support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian military vehicles in Ukraine were marked with the letter “Z”, and began appearing on social media and clothing elsewhere in support of […]