Martigues Volley makes its festival against Cannes

The Martigues volleyball players were simply irresistible tonight. Enormous performance of the Sang et Or who sharply dominated the leader of Ligue B Cannes 3 sets 0. It is the 4th victory in a row for the MVB which has completely left behind its complicated start to the season. Yes it was the Martigues festival! […]

[국제]Following the US, the UK also bans the use of Chinese-made CCTVs by government agencies

[앵커]Following the US, Britain has also banned the use of Chinese-made closed-circuit TVs in key government security facilities, citing national security concerns. In 2019, the United States banned the procurement of Chinese-made CCTV by government agencies through the National Defense Authorization Act. Reporter Kim Won-bae reports. [기자]The British government has issued guidelines to […]

[국제]U.S. “lose expectations of China” in the Security Council empty-handed…Tense tension between the U.S. and China defense

White House says China will not put pressure on North Korea to end provocations“High-level communication is positive… US-China relations are not thawed”“Danger of accidents in dangerous actions of Chinese People’s Liberation Army fighters”“US Responsibility for Sino-US Relations…Taiwan issue is a red line” <!– –> [앵커]The US White House expressed disappointment when […]

[국제]What is a license plate… Kosovo-Serbia ‘crisis’ rising

Kosovo-Serbia separate civil war… 10,000 deadKosovo declared independence in 2008… refusal to recognize SerbiaKosovo demands replacement of license plates from northern SerbsNorthern Serbian resistance, road occupation, etc. <!– –> [앵커]Serbia and Kosovo, which are called the powder kegs of the Balkans, are facing an imminent crisis due to license plate replacement […]

[국제]“You have to think about stepping down as the prime minister”…Japan’s Kishida, stumbled by the minister’s ‘hard domino’

Japan’s Kishida returns home after the ASEAN-G20-APEC SummitAfter returning, the Secretary of State was replaced… Three new ministers resigned in one month‘False speech’ Attorney General’s hardship… Southeast Asian tour disruption <!– –> [앵커]In Japan, the Kishida Cabinet is greatly shaken as three new ministers have been sacked after controversy over various […]