Strangely famous “rich village”: The whole village is rich thanks to livestream trading, everyone lives in “huge” villas, super cars are parked on the sidewalks

Jiangbei is this small village located in Futian Street, Zhejiang, China (2.2 km from Yiwu city). From the beginning of the village, we saw villas close together, billion-dollar cars parked all over the road. This place has a vibrant atmosphere of business and commerce. Because this place is the largest wholesale and retail distribution center […]

Josh, Hubert von Goisern, Lemo – the new Posthof program is here!

We have an overview of the highlights of the new season for you! A new autumn, a new start to the concert season – and therefore time for the new program from the Posthof in Linz! Also in the 2023/2024 concert season, the event center at the harbor has a colorful mix to offer for […]

Temporary employment counteracts the shortage of skilled workers – Life Radio

Temporary employment has established itself as an important service for the economy and an attractive form of employment, and it strengthens trust in the industry among customers and employees. (Sponsored Content) The job market is currently full of opportunities!And if you want to tackle the job perfectly, get help from professionals like Wolfgang Langthaler, the […]

Missed ‘Castle’ on Kabel Eins?:…on TV

On Wednesday (September 6th, 2023) another episode of the crime series “Castle” was broadcast on television. Everything to repeat online and on TV. You can find out everything about “Castle” here. On Wednesday (September 6th, 2023) another episode “Castle” was shown on TV at 2:50 p.m.You missed the crime series on TV and still want […]

Vortex about bridge jumpers in Linz!

In Linz there is excitement about young people jumping 13 meters deep into the Danube from the New Linz Railway Bridge. These jumps can not only be life-threatening, but also expensive, says Franz Brechtl from the water police in an interview with Life Radio. Bridge jumpers have to pay thousands of euros in deployment costs! […]

This is how you see Werder Bremen – FC Bayern NOW live on TV and live stream

FC Bayern starts on matchday 1 of the new Bundesliga season at Werder Bremen. The opening game between defending champions Bayern and Bremen will take place on August 18, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. and herald the 61st Bundesliga season. So you can watch the game live on TV or Livestream. Follow us on: Werder Bremen […]

Where is Germany vs. Canada live on free TV and live stream today?

Germany is playing against Canada in the next friendly before the start of the Basketball World Cup. SPOX reveals how you can watch the encounter live on free TV and live stream today. The German national basketball team is in the middle of preparing for the World Cup in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, which […]

FCA test match on free TV and live stream

Shortly before the start of the season, FC Augsburg is testing again today against SSC Naples. Here you can find out where you can watch the FCA test match on free TV and live stream. The duel between FC Augsburg and SSC Naples will be played in Castel di Sangro, more precisely in the Stadio […]