Boris Johnson’s bad pass

DECRYPTION – The conservatives, until then at the top of the polls, have lost 26 points since the imposition of confinement. The British Prime Minister visits Castle Rock School in Coalville on August 26. JACK HILL / AFP London After a Scottish holiday, in the borders of the kingdom to set an example, Boris Johnson […]

Covid-19: infected passenger removed from Ryanair plane minutes before take-off

The UK health authorities, equipped with a full protective suit, removed an infected passenger from a Ryanair plane that was about to take off for Italy. It all happened on Wednesday night at London’s Stansted airport. Moments before departure to Pisa, the passenger received, via text message, the result of the covid-19 test he had […]

The longest bus trip in the world: connecting London and India via Brussels

The trip is organized by the Indian travel agency Adventures Overland which hopes to be able to offer this new project, if the coronavirus pandemic allows it. To embark in London and get off in New Delhi, you will have to be patient: 20,000 kilometers and some 70 days of travel by bus. The reverse […]

Farewell to the Japanese stylist Yamamoto – Fashion

Eclectic, forerunner of a genderless fashion with which only today we begin to familiarize ourselves, Kansai Yamamoto, who disappeared as a result of a leukemia at 76 years old, was one of the most important and loved Japanese stylists, together with his contemporary Kenzo (88 years old) outside the Rising Sun. The death is on […]

Farewell to the Japanese stylist Yamamoto – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – TOKYO, JULY 27 – Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, one of the pioneers of fashion in the Rising Sun and the first Japanese artist to present a personal collection in London, in 1971, passed away at the age of 76 age of 27 years. Known for his bold and at times brash style, during […]

Heard admits, I hit Depp but only in defense – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, JULY 22 – A flurry of dozens of bottles thrown as if they were grenades: so Amber Heard decreed – on the third day of the hearing for the libel trial filed before the High Court in London by Johnny Depp against the tabloid British Sun – one of the most brutal […]

Report, ‘Gb in Russia’s sights’ – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 21 – Great Britain is “one of Russia’s main objectives” for its central role in the “western anti-Moscow lobby” and for its proximity to the USA. A report by the British Intelligence and Security Committee released today claims that the London government “immediate action” to help services stop this “skilled opponent”. […]