British scientists have introduced the concept of a hydrogen-powered aircraft. It is to replace the one with petrol – ČT24 – Czech Television

Hydrogen propulsion is considered one of the most promising technologies for achieving carbon-neutral commercial flights. But it is expensive and more problematic to store on board. It will also be years before aircraft can be developed and infrastructure built, such as refueling facilities at airports. ATI Group is a partnership between the UK government and […]

Lunar eclipse in London on May 28, 2067 (United Kingdom)

Complete information with all the data and schedules necessary to be able to observe the lunar eclipse of the May 28, 2067 from London, United Kingdom), where it will look like eclipse lunar penumbral. Eclipse lunar penumbralLatitude: 51 & deg 30 ′ 30.708 ″ NLongitude: 0 & deg 7 ′ 32.664 OAltitude: ≅ 25 m […]

Ryanair flies from Dresden to London again

Dresden In addition to Amsterdam and Zurich, Ryanair is now again flying to London from Dresden. Connection to England is offered three times a week. From now on, travelers can fly from Dresden to London again. The airline Ryanair will be flying to London Stansted three times a week from now on, said Mitteldeutsche Flughafen […]

France has its Pantheon. What about elsewhere in Europe?

The Franco-American artist Joséphine Baker entered the Pantheon this Tuesday. This Parisian monument honors personalities who have marked the history of France.But by the way, are there similar monuments elsewhere in Europe? Response elements. This building was built in the 1st century BC. Originally, it was a temple dedicated to the deities of the ancient […]

London detects two cases of the omicron variant | Chronicle

British authorities have confirmed two cases of omicron in London, bringing to 11 the total number of infections of the new variant of coronavirus detected in the UK. Health Minister Sajid Javid also warned, in a special appearance in the House of Commons, that “cases will increase in the coming days.” “I can advance to […]

Paris asks London to change its asylum rules due to migration crisis

France I would like him to United Kingdom change your rules to apply for asylum, since it considers that the obligation to do so from British soil is an incentive for migrants to cross the English Channel irregularly, with the risk of new dramas at sea. “The UK must open a legal access to immigration“, […]

Chelsea Victorian Gem, London – 2021 prices

Apartment New on Chelsea Victorian Gem Chelsea Victorian Gem 59 Radnor Walk, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW3 4BT, United Kingdom – After booking, all property information, including phone number and address, will be available on your booking confirmation as well as in your account. .

Employee shows worms in McDonald’s drinks machine; watch the video | Economy

Image: Worms in a McDonald’s soda machine A TikTok user who claims to be a McDonald’s employee filmed the drain of a drink machine in one of the chain’s branches in London, England, infested with worms. Initially advertised as worms, McDonald’s said they were worms and it immediately closed the station. As first reported […]

The Anglo-French dispute is becoming more and more toxic

ERecommendation for Advent, after a terrible accident in the English Channel: How about if the French government didn’t go straight to the ceiling when something was good in London? And how about the British government realizing that the old partners on the continent are not dancing to their tune? Brexit is Brexit. The result of […]

Canal deaths fuel Paris-London migration tension

The deaths of at least 27 people trying to cross the English Channel fueled tensions between Britain and France over how to prevent migrants from crossing the world’s busiest passage in small boats. Despite the commitment of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron to do everything possible to prevent human traffickers […]