Velvet – Randi – Cserpes Laura fell in love: this man is her new partner

The singer shared a joint photo on her social media page. Laura Cserpes hugs her love tightly in her latest photo. The newlywed couple traveled to a picturesque location, but the singer only showed the man from behind to her followers for now. THEI’m sure he wears glasses, is tall and has brown hair. (Cover […]

Horoscope for October 2022 for all zodiac signs

What do the stars predict for you for a month in which leaves play with all colors, pumpkins are carved and the weather is still quite pleasant? How will you do at work, in relationships or how will your health be? Read the big horoscope for October 2022. It’s a new month and we have […]

Jealous people, misers, womanizers and moms according to the horoscope

Which men can’t live with? The classic says that they are jealous and alcoholics, but life with notorious womanizers, misers or moms is not the easiest either. In which zodiac sign were they born and what are their typical characteristics? Who are the biggest womanizers, mommies, jealousies and misers of the zodiac? Source: iStock Who […]

Lucie Vondráčková glows with happiness. I enjoy being in love, she admitted

Three years have passed since Lucie Vondráčková’s divorce from hockey player Tomáš Plekanec. While Plekanec managed to marry tennis player Lucía Šafářová in the meantime, the beautiful singer is still looking for her true one. But now she admitted that the search might be over, because she is head over heels in love. A few […]

Above all, one condition makes a fulfilling love life – podcast

You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order to display embedded content, your revocable consent to the transmission and processing of personal data is required, since the providers of the embedded content as third-party providers require this consent [In diesem Zusammenhang können auch Nutzungsprofile (u.a. auf Basis von Cookie-IDs) gebildet und angereichert werden, […]

3 zodiac signs whose births can’t say the word “I love you”

Of course, they will also be resolved, we can help them with this. Do you feel like you’ve been disappointed enough and don’t dare to say the magic word “I love you”? Or if you’ve been with your partner for years, you’re thinking, maybe the reason for this silence on your part is that you […]

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse wear joint jewelry

If something isn’t enough, it is I worshiped Barbara and Dylan Sprouse, whether it’s red carpet moments — whether they’re being serious or showing off their funny faces — and romantic photos. A very special one of the latter landed on Barbara’s Instagram “Unbreakable bond” with accompanying text. On the wrists of the two celebrities, […]

DreadXP announces sequel to Sucker for Love

Publisher DreadXP revealed at PAX West 2022 that a sequel to Eldritch dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date is in the works. Subtitle Date to Die For promises new stories, new loves and a new protagonist who wants an extra-human romance. It is not yet clear how many divine beings we have to tempt […]

Angelina Jolie used this trick to cheat Brad Pitt on Jennifer Aniston

At that time, Angelina Jolie did everything to seduce her fellow actor, Brad Pitt, who eventually left his wife, Jennifer Aniston, because of her. The air between them glowed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004, and instantly became a Hollywood dream couple, even though the […]

Such was the first meeting between Princess Katalin and Prince William

They celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary in March this year, even though it seems like yesterday that they announced that they were engaged. In this ominous couple’s interview, they also recalled the first moment of their acquaintance, which turned out just as well as in any other ruin. Princess Catherine he blushed quite concretely and […]