It’s not true! “Pad Thai” on Taylor Swift’s song cover

Confirmed! The picture “Pad Thai” on the cover of world-class artist Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is just an automated system created by YouTube. After the news on November 19 that there was a picture of “Pad Thai” on the cover of world-class artist Taylor Swift’s “Lover” song, published on her YouTube channel, causing netizens to hilarious. […]

Dáda Patrasová packs her bags and flies to Italy to meet her lover Vito

It looks like the marriage of Dagmar Patras and Felix Slováček is really busy again. While the musician sweeps up almost every social event where he is surrounded by beautiful women in recent weeks, Dada is going to visit his Italian friend Vito instead, as the editors of Prima Zenya found out. Is another partnership […]

| Gifts for and from Cologne

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They bring to light the agreement between Charlotte Caniggia and her lover

Charlotte Caniggia She is in the eye of the storm after a version came to light indicating that she would have been unfaithful to her ex-boyfriend Roberto with a young man named Ian Hachmann. However, this Friday in “LAM” they told the other side of the relationship that she would have with the famous model. […]

Her husband died and she had to break the news to her lover

In 2018, Bridgette Davis’s husband committed suicide and has since been a widow. After four years of what happened, Davis was encouraged to tell on social networks the moment when she told her husband’s lover about the news. The medium that the widow used to tell this was TikTok, It is a social network that […]

Petition: Putin’s lover should leave Switzerland

Check cleanliness of financial means For example, it says: “We ask you to carefully examine the fact that Ms. Kabaeva has naturalized or received citizenship in your country and to examine the need to sanction this person. We also ask you to ensure that your financial means are clean examine the property that was used […]

Where did Hana Gregorová go? He has fun with Koptík in Hungary

Hana Gregorová with a friend Source: Profimedia Hana Gregorová has long since disappeared from the front pages of tabloids, mainly because she moved to Hungary. A well-known widow has bought a house in the village of Rajka and enjoys the peace she lacked in her native country. In addition, the purchase price of real estate […]

what’s wrong with him now, there was a video

According to, the famous Russian singer, who was included in the Peacemaker database due to touring in the Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian Federation, announced his trouble on his Instagram page. Alexander Buynov, who had an affair with the Primadonna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, said the hand. “Closed, comminuted fracture of […]