she also twisted the head of a beautiful actress 19 years younger

Women were fond of Lajos Básti, and the actor did not despise his admirers, which is why it is not surprising that his first wife was a famous Hungarian actress famous far and wide, with whom Básti was 19 years older. The most beautiful Hungarian actor Lajos Básti deservedly became a legendary actor in Hungary: […]

Scientist’s Study Reveals Hopes Smokers Avoid Lung Cancer

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Smoking is considered to be the main cause of lung cancer. But new findings from researchers may slightly reduce the truth of this assumption. Launch Science Daily, cigarettes can trigger DNA mutations in the lungs of normal people. Mutations that over time make the lungs of smokers susceptible to cancer. Experts […]

Scientists Reveal Causes Many Smokers Don’t Get Lung Cancer

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Amount smokers known not to have lung cancer even though the risk of this disease is quite high for smokers. Researchers call it related factors genetic. Smoking activity is known to cause various diseases, ranging from heart attacks, impotence, and various types of cancer, one of which is lung cancer. In […]

How is the screening test and what types does it detect?

The early detection of any kind of cancer is vitally important for at least three reasons: it offers a diagnosis and treatment opportune, allows an increase in the Life expectancy and makes the treatment cost of cancer is less. This implies that when it is detected in the first phasesits impact is lower than when […]

Lung problems can be seen from skin conditions, what are the signs? page all – In the human respiratory system, the lungs are vital organs. The function of the lungs is to regulate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. When we breathe, oxygen inhaled from the outside will enter the lungs and circulated into the blood. If there is interference in the lungs, some […]

» Pfizer Obtains 1st Line Marketing Authorization for LORVIQUA® in Advanced and/or Metastatic ALK-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer MyPharma Editions

Posted on Thursday March 17th, 2022 Already authorized since 2019 as a second-line treatment and beyond, LORVIQUA® (lorlatinib) has just obtained a first-line marketing authorization for adult patients with ALK (anaplastic lymphoma kinase) positive non-small cell lung cancer ( NSCLC ALK+) advanced or metastatic. This Marketing Authorization is based on the positive results of the […]