Apple announced the new MacBook PRO laptops with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

Rewrite this content Apple on Tuesday (January 17) announced a series of MacBooks using the new and fastest M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in a “surprise launch” several weeks ahead of its usual schedule, writes Reuters. MacBook PROs with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. PHOTO Apple The launch of devices using the latest […]

The MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch M2 finally in the first quarter of 2023?

Contrary to what he has suggested in recent months over the course of his newsletters, Mark Gurman announces today in the weekly delivery of his newsletter that the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch M2 will not finally be released until the first quarter of 2023. These Macs were originally expected before the end of […]

An update for the Studio Display webcam

The first tests of the Studio Display were very disappointing with regard to the webcam with a particularly pixelated rendering in low light, poor contrast and an overall lack of detail. In the aftermath of these tests, Apple had declared that it was a software bug and that an upcoming update would bring improvements. This […]

New China lockdowns: MacBook Pro availability is falling

The availability of Apple products, especially for professionals, is currently poor – even for devices that have been in Apple’s program for months. The reason is said to be the tightened lockdown measures against the omicron variant of the corona virus, which the Chinese government has decided on. This is reported by the well-connected analyst […]

The 2021 MacBook Pro soon on the Refurb Store

The first copies of the 2021 MacBook Pro appeared last night on the American version of the Refurb Store. It’s a slow start with just a few 14.2″ MacBook Pro models and a single representative of the 16.2″ MacBook Pro, but the first refurbished versions of the MacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max are […]

Apple releases iOS 15.4.1, macOS 12.3.1 and watchOS 8.5.1

Evening update for Apple devices: a whole series of fixes have just been deployed with iOS 15.4.1, tvOS 15.4.1, macOS 12.3.1 and watchOS 8.5.1, not to mention version 15.4.1 of the internal HomePod software. There are no new features: the goal is only to fix bugs. On the iOS 15.4.1 side, Apple cites three fixes: […]

Apple would like to offer its products by subscription

Services are taking up more and more space in Apple’s income. Last quarter, they represented 22% of the company’s turnover: that’s twice as much as the Mac or the iPad! According to Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, Apple was working on a whole new kind of subscription, which would blur the boundaries between services and hardware: […]

Apple’s Studio Display webcam disappoints

Here we are on the eve of the official release of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, both of which were introduced last week. Apple has sent some demonstration copies to the press. As for Apple’s new screen, the first glimpses are initially unsurprising: it’s a panel very similar to that of the old […]

7 new Macs will arrive this year, according to Mark Gurman

Apple will make one of its most important launches in its history New rumors have surfaced around the new macs that Apple will present throughout this year, and it is information that really attracts attention. In the latest newsletter Power Onthe ever trustworthy Mark Gurman explains what we can expect in the coming […]