A broken coalition | News The Tribune of Toledo

The Law Patch Yes is yes that the PSOE promoted this week in Congress has ended up generating a tear in the government coalition that is impossible to mend despite the fact that both the Socialists and their partners from United We Can do not consider their pact broken. At least, until after the municipal […]

The Theses: Our success is global because sexist violence is universal

28 Oct 2021 – 12:25 p. m. The Chilean collective became world famous in November 2019 after performing the performance “El violador eres tu”. The Chilean collective Las Tesis, creator of the performance “Un violador en tu camino”, which ended up becoming a global anthem of feminism, premieres in the Andalusian city of Cádiz, for the […]

Blizzard replaces two World of Warcraft paintings with less sexualized ones

World of Warcraft, the popular MMO from Activision Blizzard, has received an update to version 9.1.5 in which, among other things, two tables have been modified that decorated two internal scenes of the video game. In one of them you could see a female character posing on a bed, while the second also represented a […]