Football professional criticizes DFB plan for third division

Kapitän Christian Beck from football third division club 1. FC Magdeburg has sharply criticized the plans of the German Football Association (DFB). “If it were up to the DFB, we would have eleven league and possibly two national cup games by June 30. The game plan is insane, ”said the striker of the“ Magdeburg Volksstimme […]

changes direction on the highway due to the pedestrian overpass

A. Noguerol MADRID Updated:04/23/2020 16:50 save Related news The capabilities of a car and the unconsciousness of its driver can lead to scenes as surreal as the one it has spread South China Morning Post through their YouTube channel. In the news, published a couple of weeks ago, you can see how a driver from […]

“Invisible Man”, the electrical grip – Culture / Next

A film would it venture to go back to the reverse of our myths and legends, all folklore, to offer in a renewed way the impregnable point of view, no longer of the hero, but of the woman in the background, in large part retracted – mother, bride, sister or wife – what would such […]

“Playing Beethoven requires control and madness”

The Cross: How did Beethoven’s music take hold of you? François-Frédéric Guy: Difficult to explain the elective affinities … Beethoven has imposed itself on me as the alpha and the omega of music. In all the genres he has tackled, there is a before and after him: he inherits the past and lays the foundations […]

Little sex, many prejudices | Madrid

There isn’t. There is literature, politics, motherhood, feminism, machismo, fascism, diversity, language, migration, racism, love, family, economy, truth, but there is no sex. Well, barely. Here is an irresoluble exclamation more than twenty-one centuries ago: “What madness I fall in love with you.” And yet it happens every day. It happened to Gabriela, Rocío and […]