Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz: Enroll at the same time

Forward drive: Students on the campus of the Technical University in Darmstadt, which maintains a strategic alliance with the Goethe University and the University of Mainz Picture: Marcus Kaufhold The universities of Frankfurt, Mainz and Darmstadt have been forming a strategic alliance for five years. In the future, their students will have more of it. […]

Fines catalog: Federal states introduce new rules for driving bans

Germany Road traffic regulations The first federal states are overriding strict driving ban rules due to formal errors Stand: 02.07.2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Mainz introduces huge Tempo 30 zone It has never been so extensive in Germany. Almost all of Mainz city center is now a Tempo 30 zone. However, it is still […]

Television Shows That Changed Juergen Klopp’s Career

TWITTER.COM/ACTUFOOT_ Liverpool coach, Juergen Klopp. BOLASPORT.COM – A television program has a major influence on Juergen Klopp’s coaching career. What program is that? Before landing at Liverpool, precisely in 2001, Juergen Klopp began his journey as a coach together with Mainz. That’s when he started watching a documentary series about the struggle of the All […]

Almost everywhere Tempo 30 in downtown Mainz Mainz

Since July 1st, speed 30 has been applied to several main traffic axes in Mainz city center. According to the traffic department, there are speed limits of 30 km / h or less in almost the entire old and new town. That should ensure clean air. Duration 2:12 min Sendedatum Me, 1.7.2020 Airtime 19:30 o’clock […]

Mainz introduces a large Tempo 30 zone

From July 1st From tomorrow on, cars in Mainz will mostly only be allowed to drive through the streets at 30 km / h. There should be only a few exceptions to the restricted traffic zone. The state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is introducing an almost nationwide Tempo 30 zone on Wednesday (July 1) and aims […]

Rhineland-Palatinate & Saarland: Because of corona virus: Mainz prohibits major events

The city of Mainz has banned all events with more than 1000 participants with a general will. The Rhineland-Palatinate Day in Andernach is also canceled. Mainz / Andernach (dpa / lrs) – Due to the increasing spread of the corona virus, numerous events have been canceled in Rhineland-Palatinate. After Ludwigshafen, the state capital Mainz also […]

Now Heike Makatsch as Ellen Berlinger is back in Mainz

Heike Makatsch investigated again as Commissioner Ellen Berlinger in the “crime scene”. The shooting for the second Mainz- “crime scene“Should start in 2020, like SWR director Peter Boudgoust on Thursday in Mainz said. A third was firmly agreed. Details revealed Boudgoust but not yet. So far Makatsch as Berlinger in the “crime scene“To be seen […]

Discussion Do the SchUM cities belong under the protection of UNESCO?

Discuss: Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer – President of the German Unesco Commission, Bonn, Florence Fischer – Art historian at Heidelberg University, Dr. Susanne Urban – managing director of the association SchUM-Städte Speyer, Worms, Mainz e.V. In the Middle Ages, Mainz, Worms and Speyer experienced a unique blossoming of Jewish life. They are the SchUM cities, […]