Seville, Cádiz and Málaga, the Andalusian cities most graced by the Fat

22/12/2021 Updated at 1:50 p.m. Seville and Cádiz are the Andalusian cities that have been favored more times by the Extraordinary Christmas Draw of the National Lottery, since in them the ‘Gordo’ have relapsed 17 and 12 times respectively, throughout the history of the draw, according to data from State Lotteries and Gambling consulted by […]

Canada advances to the semifinals and will face Italy

Thursday arrives, the most intense day of competition in the Davis Cup in Malaga because it concentrates two quarterfinals. A full day from 10:00 am and with the victory to start Italy over the United States 2-1. At 5:10 p.m. the last quarterfinal began, which lasted until midnight, with victory after Canada’s comeback. They trailed […]

Malaga accumulates half of the Covid patients killed in a week in Andalusia

ON In Malaga hospitals, 46 patients with coronavirus are admitted, of which four are in the UC The 17 patients with Covid who have died in Malaga in the last week are half of the 33 deaths in Andalusia of people suffering from the coronavirus, according to data provided this Tuesday by the Ministry of […]

How many times has El Gordo played in the Christmas Lottery in Malaga?

Melilla is the only place in Spain where it has never fallen El Gordo of the Christmas Lottery, a prize endowed with 400,000 euros for the tenth that all Spaniards dream of every December 22. The provinces of Ávila, Tarragona and Zamora left the list of unsuccessful in 2018 and became part of a ‘lucky […]

The players of al poder

When I think of Nero, the image of Peter Ustinov, lyre at the ready, while Rome burns, comes to mind. When I think of Elon Musk, too. His masked face makes a great impression on me, as much or more than that of Berlusconi trying to blink carefully so as not to ruin his lifting. […]

Arsenal will renew Saka until 2027

As we have been advancing in TodoFichajes during these last weeks, Buyako Saka will renew his contract with Arsenal. The striker has become one of Mikel Arteta’s strong men on the pitch and is one of the main culprits for the team’s outstanding start to the season. The Basque coach has been pressuring the board […]

64% of Valladolid residents say they are satisfied with municipal services

The citizens of Valladolid rate their municipal public services with 64% satisfaction, which represents the maintenance of the results of 2019. The number of dissatisfied people also remains the same, going from 23% to 22%. This follows from the results of the IV Barometer of satisfaction of public services promoted by the Observatory of Urban […]