New Research Links Birth Control Pill Use to Cancer Risk

Today women have a multitude of options when choosing a hormonal contraceptive method. Pills, patches, implants, and injections: The various forms of hormonal birth control have different formulations and doses of estrogen, progestin, or a mixture of both. Which could make us think that they may have an unequal influence on the risk of breast […]

Fear in the eyes of a woman with breast cancer, an article by Tomás Mayoral

A patient undergoes a mammogram. Sometimes life brings you the headline before the newspaper. To talk about the subject with which we open the first page today and that many of you were already able to read last night and on the cover of our website, I have to do an unorthodox and anti-journalistic exercise, […]

Tomosynthesis better detects breast cancer, according to a large US study

A study carried out with more than a million women has shown that digital breast tomosynthesis presents better results in breast cancer screening than standard digital mammography, according to their authors published in ‘Radiology’, journal of the North American Radiological Society. Breast cancer is the… A study carried out with more than a million […]

help for breast cancer

help for breast cancer The Gure Bizitza association of retirees and pensioners from the Amara neighborhood recently delivered a check for 500 euros to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association. The economic sum was collected in a solidarity market, which was organized by the students of the gymnastics group of the aforementioned association. Gure Bizitza thanked […]

The unknown effect of sex change therapies in breast cancer

One of the most common treatments for gender reassignment, feminizing hormone therapy or androgen gender affirming therapy, which is often used in transgender women and non-binary people to promote the physical changes caused by female hormones during puberty,” reprograms” breast tissue in transgender men. For the first time, a team of researchers coordinated from the […]

The transgressive failure of Valencia that makes breast cancer visible

An impressive giant-sized sculpture will shine on the streets of Valencia to “normalize, make visible and disseminate” the breast cancer during the celebration of the Fallas. With this powerful visual message, the artist and sculptor Raul Martinez ‘Chuky’ has created a spectacular figure inspired by the case of her friend Cristina Gomeza young woman from […]

Breastfeeding and breast cancer prevention

As stated in the bases of the Breast Cancer Prevention ProgramI meet all the requirements: “Target population: The program is aimed at all women residents in Navarra aged between 45 and 69 years”. Soy mother of a 20 month old baby who was born very premature and to whom I breastfeed, because I wanted to […]