Pope: Saint Joseph teaches how to move from romantic passion to mature love

This December 1st catechesis was dedicated in a special way to Christian couples, so that they can learn mature love from St. Joseph, capable of overcoming the adversities of life. Bianca Fraccalvieri – Vatican City “Joseph, just man and husband of Mary”: this was the theme of the third catechesis that the Pope dedicated to […]

From acquaintance to marriage – through distance and through quarantine Life

Irina from Kėdainiai says boldly – yes! And not only does he say, but his experience can prove that if two people are destined to be together, neither quarantine, nor distance, nor long time becomes an obstacle. Meet in Tinder The love story of Irina and her husband, Lebanese Elie, began in such a way […]

The woman who married herself because she met someone else wants to divorce

Shortly after three months of marriage, Cris Galera is getting ready to divorce. The 33-year-old Brazilian model went to herself in September, meaning she would now become herself on her own. Chris Guys he says he was insecure all his life, he was afraid of being left alone, he always wanted to belong to someone […]