Great love: Two women, second yes word

Great loveTwo women, second yes word – for the wedding from Australia to the Altmark Wedding three months after getting to know each other, between an Altmark woman and an Australian, between two women and with the rigors of the corona pandemic – Jana Leppin (43) and Andrea Barlett (38) offer many stories at once. […]

This is why everyone thinks Barbie Palvin is engaged

Entertainment Tonight broke the news yesterday that I worshiped Barbara became a bride. It was rumored earlier that they were preparing for the engagement Dylan Sprouse During his visit to Hungary in 2021, he told how he would like to propose to his love. It seems that the big day has finally arrived and the […]

Getting married in Vienna –

LGBT can get married in Vienna in the most beautiful locations. Registered partnerships have existed in Austria since January 1st, 2010, and marriage for everyone since January 1st, 2019. Both registered partnership and marriage can be concluded in the most beautiful places in the city: Im Schönbrunn Castle And this is just as possible in […]

Viktor Király and Anita Virág: Will their little son bring them back together?

The singer admitted that their marriage went through ups and downs, they have been living apart for months. But they both believe that the peace and happiness of their little son, Kolen, is the most important thing, so they try to find common ground and discuss their problems. The married couple celebrated the fifth anniversary […]

Al-Saleh: Marriage of a girl to a citizen of the judge’s jurisdiction because the father refused to marry her to him because he does not pray and “is not enough.”

The Court of Appeal of the Family Department upheld the ruling proving “the child’s guardian” and marrying the plaintiff to the second defendant under the jurisdiction of the judge. The lawsuit filed by lawyer Elaf Khalil Al-Saleh is summarized in that a citizen suffered from intransigence and her father’s refusal to all applicants for her […]

Wife’s rights in marriage

A virtuous wife is the best asset for her husband in this worldly life. Allah Ta’ala has anointed women with an unparalleled dignity and rights in all aspects of life. Islam has given respect, dignity and basic rights to women as well as men to conduct their lives through the specific principles of the Qur’an. […]

celebrities, collector cars and boleros

The businessman and his new wife said yes with a strong security operation. Marcelo Tinelli and Ricardo Darín, among the guests. Alan Faena and Grace Goldsmith got married this Saturday in the city of Buenos Aires at an eccentric party full of celebrities, glamour, collection cars and live boleros. The hotel businessman and the person […]