China’s Mars Exploration Rover Zhu Rong Reveals Dry, Layered Surface Structure on Red Planet – Xinhua

China’s Mars Exploration Rover “Chu Rong” Reveals Dry, Multilayered Surface Structure on the Red Planet BEIJING, Sept. 28, 2022 (Xinhua) Using land-penetrating radar, an in-situ survey of the subsurface structure of Mars revealed a dry, multi-layered surface structure in the Red Planet’s Utopia Basin. The results published last Monday in the journal “Nature” are based […]

James Webb takes two pictures of Mars at different wavelengths

Although the James Webb Space Telescope was primarily built to look at the oldest and most distant galaxies, it can also be used for a host of other scientific observations — including looking at targets here in our own solar system. Webb was used to take a fascinating look at the planet Mars. But […]

Falling Marslander records sound of meteorite impact | Tech

The InSight Marslander has recorded the sound of a meteorite impact on Mars. The recording comes as a surprise, because the Marslander will soon fail due to a power shortage. The American space agency NASA has placed the sound recording, which lasts a total of eleven seconds, on SoundCloud. Three sound peaks can be heard […]

Find out what the James Webb Space Telescope spotted on Mars

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has released its first images of Mars, providing a more detailed look at the red planet’s atmosphere. By sunshine. The first web images of Mars were captured by the Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam), which depicts a region of the planet’s eastern hemisphere at two different wavelengths, or infrared […]

Russia needs 20 years to organize a manned space flight to Mars

CountryThe Head of the Department of Planetary and Nuclear Studies at the Institute of Space Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Igor Mitrofanov, announced at a scientific conference held on the occasion of the start of the study of Mars by the so-called Russian “Martian Trinity”, that Russia will need 20 years to send […]

NASA’s plan to bring Mars samples back to Earth

NASA detailed on Wednesday how around 30 samples of Martian rock should be brought back to Earth in 2033, a plan that now includes sending two new helicopters to the red planet. The Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars a year and a half ago, has already collected 11 rock samples. But bringing them back […]

Rare mineral evidences explosive volcanism on Mars

Mars could once have been geologically more active than researchers long thought: there may even have been explosive volcanism on its surface a few billion years ago, as a team led by Valerie Payré from Northern Arizona University reports. The group pursued a mystery that scientists have long puzzled: In 2016, the Mars rover Curiosity […]

NASA rover finds rope-like object on Mars, what is it?

The Perseverance rover has found strange objects on Mars several times. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Perseverance Rover belonging to the American Space Agency (NASA) has found a mysterious object similar to a string that is confusing. The object lies in uncharted territory by NASA. Reporting from BGR, Sunday (7/24/2022) NASA thinks the rope may have […]