Mars in Aries, the effects on the horoscope and zodiac signs

Usually Mars spends about 40 days in one sign, but in 2020 nothing is normal, nothing is like the other times. An example? on June 28, 2020 Mars passes to Aries where it gives the best and the maximum. But its transit this time will last until early January 2021, until Epiphany! For this you […]

NASA needs you to navigate Mars

Mars is an amazing planet that fascinates both scientists and space fans in general. Thanks to the NASA Curiosity rover that criss-crosses the surface of the red planet, we are regularly entitled to superb images that further fuel our passion for the neighbor of Earth. But for the vast majority of people impossible to hope […]

Unpublished photos of Mars: from a squirrel to a spoon – News

NASA published the strangest images of Mars and sparked theories about what might exist on the red planet, although many times they are simply optical illusions that make science fiction lovers think. The face on Mars In 1976, Nasa’s Viking 1 probe captured in the Cydonia region a “large rock formation that resembles a human […]

China reaches for Hong Kong – morning briefing

Dear readers, The Chinese Communist Party will be 100 next year, but the Corona problem is spoiling the rulers in Beijing’s holiday planning. The domestic economy slipped by 6.8 percent in the first quarter. On the beginning today – two months late National People’s Congress will become party, state and army chief Xi Jinping therefore […]

Laboratory test: Mud flows like lava on Mars

Updated May 20, 2020, 5:05 p.m. Scientists have found an important detail about Mars: The surface of the red planet is not only shaped by volcanoes, but also by mud volcanism. To find this out, the international team of researchers simulated conditions on Mars. You can find more space topics here Mud can flow on […]

One in a million: find a strange super-earth towards the center of our galaxy

Illustration of the inferred size of another super-earth (center) compared to the land and Neptune. Astronomers at the University of Canterbury found an incredibly rare new super-earth toward the center of our galaxy. This would be one of the few that has been discovered with a size and orbit similar to Earth. The details were […]

Can there be habitable puddles on Mars?

ABC Science Madrid Updated:05/12/2020 20:39 save Related news Mars was covered by seas and rivers billions of years ago, but for some reason its atmosphere thinned to just a thin veil and cooled. Today, water survives frozen in underground ice deposits under the polar caps. There may even be a large underground liquid lake at […]

Scientists warn of “Mars viruses” .. and suggest “rock stone”

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " According to experts from the University "Stanford" The rock samples are coming from a planet Mars Have been transferred Viruses Strange to planet Earth, which puts scientists facing the possibility of a new confrontation with viruses, according to a newspaper "New York […]

Corona raises panic in NASA … deadly viruses may strike Earth from Mars

Corona may sound like a science fiction plot, but NASA and some scientists have expressed concern about alien viruses that may contaminate the planet, and experts warn that protocols are necessary to prevent pollutants outside the planet from returning on space ships and astronauts upon return Back home from the Red Planet. Scott Hubbard, professor […]