The Kremlin is preparing a staged attack on the Russian border, US analysts claim

The institute claims that propagandists are planning a staged attack on Belgorod, which they want to attribute to Ukrainian forces. Analysts note that Russian statements about an imminent attack by Ukraine on the Belgorod region are absurd and are aimed only at intimidating the Russian public and gaining support for the war. American experts note […]

Frightened Duda reported to Russian comedians after the rocket explosion

“Hello Emmanuel, is that you? Andrzej Duda on the phone,” the Polish president introduces himself in the beginning of the recording of the telephone conversation, which the pair of comedians posted on YouTube and was picked up by Russian and Polish media. “Yes, yes, it’s me,” came Dud’s reply. “Oh, hello Emmanuel… Thank you. Thank […]

Russia carried out almost 400 strikes in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, Zelenskyy claims

“The fiercest battles are currently taking place in the Donetsk region. Although we have seen fewer attacks this day due to worsening weather, the number is still extremely high. On Sunday, the Russian army carried out 400 strikes,” Zelenskyy said. “We are slowly moving forward in the Luhansk region,” he added, adding that according to […]

The Russians will manufacture Iranian drones, massive attacks await Ukraine

The deal was negotiated in Iran in early November. He assumes that Russian specialists will travel to Iran to ensure the logistics of transporting machinery and technology. Ensuring production on its own territory should help Russia obtain a large number of relatively cheap and effective drones. According to information from Western intelligence services, Russia has […]

Russia is ready to negotiate with the US. But not about Ukraine

“If the Americans show interest and readiness, then we will not refuse. The Americans know our position, it coincides with what we offered them and what we explained to them at the moment when they unilaterally cut it all off,” Ryabkov said. “When negotiations were interrupted, they should resume. This is very simple logic,” he […]