Health: How to tell if a 3M N95 mask is fake when you buy

Since the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world, many had their first biosecurity experience to safeguard themselves and their families. Knowing how the virus works and what elements, such as masks, help to avoid an unwanted contagion, became information of vital importance for everyone. However, in turn false information and poor quality products […]

Cichanous wants a UN observation mission. The Belarusian minister criticized the “destructive forces”, including the Czech Republic – ČT24 – Czech Television

Cichanouska’s speech to the UN Security Council took place at the request of her non-permanent member Estonia. According to the website, the politician stated: “There is unrest in my country, Belarus. Mild protesters are detaining, beating and imprisoning. The protests themselves began after a cynical and outrageous attempt by Mr Lukashenko to steal people’s […]

UMSNH will open spaces in low demand careers for rejected medicine

Education | 1 Sep, 2020, 14:16 Rector Nicolaita highlighted the transparency of the process and the conduct of the examination with all the necessary care and sanitary measures. – + Juan Bustos / The Voice of Michoacán Morelia, Michoacán. The Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), presented the results for high demand careers, […]

Health: Can I use a face shield instead of a mask?

September 01, 2020 – 08:09 Face shields have the added benefit of protecting the eyes and prevent touching the face by acting as a physical barrier. DRAFTING.- Can I use a facial screen instead of a mask? No. Health authorities do not recommend clear plastic shields as a substitute for masks due to a lack […]

Lady Gaga and her masks dominate the 2020 MTV – Music Awards

Lady Gaga and her masks reign over the 2020 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards, the first awards in the entertainment world since the coronavirus pandemic began. During various appearances, the award-winning singer wore an impressive collection of anti-Covid protections inviting the spectators of the awards to do likewise. Gaga has won five awards […]

According to estimates, the Democratic Party of Socialists won the elections in Montenegro, but the end of its government is looming – ČT24 – Czech Television

Djukanovic has been leading the country since 1990 Djukanovic has been leading Montenegro since 1990. Under his leadership, the country withdrew from a joint state alliance with Serbia in 2006 and joined NATO in 2017. Throughout this time, Djukanovic – with a few short breaks – is either the prime minister or the president of […]

Coronavirus, mask in the classroom: the experts are divided

Pending the reopening of schools, scheduled for September 14, there remain some doubts on important issues such as, for example, those related to the use of masks inside school buildings. Among the experts there are those who consider it impossible for students to be able to wear it for many hours in a row and […]