60 years since the Paris massacre that was doused down – Dagsavisen

The official death toll after the bloody night was three, of which two were Algerians. Later, historians have estimated that between 50 and 200 people were killed. The reason for the uncertain death toll is, among other things, that French police threw many of the victims into the river Seine. The demonstration took place on […]

France Kills 4000 Pilgrims of Ottoman Mosque in Colonial Era

loading… Algeria – President Aljazair Abdelmadjid Tebboune unveils official accounts of the massacre by France of nearly 4,000 worshipers during the colonial era of 1830-1962. Worshipers were killed when they staged a sit-in inside an Ottoman mosque called Ketchaoua in an attempt to stop French attempts to turn it into a church. “France has colonized […]

France: 19-year-old ‘Hitler worshiper’ planned massacre – Last Hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, OCTOBER 03 – French intelligence arrested a 19-year-old unemployed man and a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, who was planning a massacre in his former high school and in a nearby mosque for April 20, the birth date of Fuhrer. This was learned from sources close to the investigation. The nineteen year […]

Konami does in the free but slaughters its franchise in the process

A few months ago, Konami announced a major change around its Pro Evolution Soccer license by switching the title to the Free To Play model and renaming it eFootball PES 2022. Players were hearing the news with enthusiasm, the idea of ​​getting the game for free being particularly enjoyable … But now, Konami has just […]

Myanmar junta slaughter civilians in various parts of the country due to search for rebels Nightmare of slaughter of citizens with hunting rifles (1/4) | JBpress

Nightmare of military slaughter of citizens resisting with hunting rifles General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the Myanmar military government (Photo: Abaca) Go to gallery page Cruel acts against the people who advocate anti-military politics by the military are intensifying in Myanmar. In addition to the murder of 24 villagers by soldiers, reports of the […]

Bild, yet another massacre of whales in the Faroe Islands – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 23 – Just ten days after the brutal massacre of 1,428 dolphins, a new slaughter took place in the Faroe Islands, where 52 pilot whales were killed, according to reports from the German Bild. The so-called ‘Grindadrap’, the bloody hunt for cetaceans on the shore, is a centuries-old tradition in the […]

Taliban Accused of Killing 40 Afghan Civilians in Retaliation

loading… ACCEPT – The governments of the United States (US) and the United Kingdom accused the group Taliban has massacred about 40 civilians Afghanistan in revenge when they captured the southern city of Spin Boldak in July. Washington and London suspect the group has committed war crimes. Read also: Taliban War in Afghanistan: Bombs Fall […]

“Where are you going, Aida?” Das Massaker at Srebrenica – DPA

Berlin (AP) – It is one of the darkest chapters in recent European history: In the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica, almost 8,000 Bosnians – mostly men – were murdered by Ratko Mladić’s army. The massacres were later classified as genocide. But how did the atrocities come about at that time? That is what the Berlin-based […]