Did Telefe take advantage of Elba Rodríguez?

Elba Rodríguez, the winner of the 2014 edition of MasterChef Argentina, assured that, suffered a kind of injustice, for not having read the fine print of the contract which he signed with Telefe. It is that the cook revealed that she never received a weight from the book that her was carried forward with her […]

José María expelled, and Ana, Andy, Iván and Luna finalists

The eighth edition of ‘Masterchef’ You already know the identity of its five finalists. Alberto, Ana, Andy, Iván and Luna will dispute the triumph in the grand finale of the culinary talent of TVE after José María was eliminated due to the numerous errors that the replica of Pol Contreras’ dessert had. “You have a […]

Basque food and the port of Bermeo protagonists at Masterchef

After the bad drink that was the expulsion of Saray (who is not satisfied with his tricky step through ‘Masterchef’ has continued to make rounds in subsequent interviews), the friends of the good yantar began the new installment making a clean slate and new account (although the occasional reproach fell). For starters, applicants had to […]

Scandal: Rocío Marengo destroyed her plate in MasterChef – Noticias

Rocío Marengo lived an attack of fury, in the midst of her participation in the reality TV show “MasterChef Celebrity de Chile”. The panelist was preparing a meringue cake, dedicated to her nephews, and seconds before the end of the challenge, she had a nervous breakdown, destroyed it and started crying. It all started when […]

Video: Roco Marengo’s attack of hysteria on Chilean television

Roco Marengo is participating in the Masterchef Celebrity program of the trans-Andean country, And the evidence that took her out of the boxes was ameringue dessert, that like the meditica model continued, she wanted to dedicate to her nephews. In the field of intentions everything was going very well, but the problem arose when time […]

Celia Villalobos, Perico Delgado and other celebrities, to ‘MasterChef’

Perhaps encouraged to enter the world of cooking more than usual due to confinement, a good group of celebrities have not wanted to miss the next edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, the VIP edition of the culinary ‘talent’ of La 1. TVE announced yesterday the complete list, crowned by Celia Villalobos, who was Minister of Health, […]

Shameful expulsion in ‘Masterchef’ | The mail

Jordi Cruz already said it a few weeks ago: «You are the most protesting contestants in the history of ‘Masterchef’». What he did not imagine is that one of them was going to establish itself as the most rude of the program. Saray had been pulling the rope from the beginning of this edition. He […]