Apple Store: support, battery and protection for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and AirTags

Several small accessories have been added to the Apple Store’s offer this weekend, most of them protection-oriented. First there is the support entrance HoverBar Duo de Twelve South. This articulated foot allows you to suspend an iPad in height (the clamp can also hold an iPhone in landscape). HoverBar Duo 2 This is the new […]

Surface Pro 9 with ARM chip: performance is still not that

By unveiling the Surface Pro 9 last week, Microsoft again demonstrated that it takes ARM chips very seriously. The hybrid tablet is indeed offered in two flavors: an Intel model with 12th generation Intel processors, and a model equipped with an SQ3 chip developed by the publisher and Qualcomm. @The Verge. Microsoft has been offering […]

Deductions on textbooks and school supplies

From this space, the Administrative Managers answer the questions that you send us. Today we respond to some parents who ask about tax deductions for going back to school. QUESTION: We would need you to specify the requirements that my husband and I have to meet, in order to be entitled to the deduction for […]

Mason drones to build buildings, inspired by wasps – VIDEO – Technologies

A team of mason drones, inspired by wasps, and specialized in building large structures in 3D. In the future they could be used to construct buildings and infrastructure in inaccessible or dangerous areas for human workers. To develop them is the research group of the Imperial College of London coordinated by Mirko Kovac, the results […]

Marea demands that scholarships for books and material be granted based on income

Marea de Vigo considers municipal aid for the purchase of books and school supplies “essential”, but stresses that “they must be proportional to income”. He stresses that the new format “is socially unfair” by establishing a linear aid per child of 205 euros “regardless of income level and without guaranteeing that the resources end up […]

[KISTI과학향기]Monkey pox with an unfamiliar name, is it okay this summer?

COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases are prevalent. It is an unfamiliar disease called monkeypox. The disease was first reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa in the 1970s and settled as an endemic disease in Central and West African countries. After the first confirmed case was reported in the UK in May, […]

Graphene is preparing to be the “miracle” material of 21st century medicine

As a pioneer in the use of graphene, Dr. Victoria Tsai, co-founder of the now-defunct Graphene Frontiers and currently commercial manager at TELA Bio (Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA), stressed that the good performance of graphene allows it to be classified as a “miracle” material for 21st century medicine. Thanks to its excellent conductivity… As a pioneer […]

Putin signs the law, siding with the enemy is high treason – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that equates siding with the enemy in a situation of military action to high treason. And it makes it a crime for Russian citizens to take part in a conflict not in the interest of Russia: according to the document published on the official legal information portal, […]