2020 has given rise to the Gold Coast Suns, but could it be a false dawn?

Every AFL season is somewhat unpredictable, but 2020 might be the wildest so far. The two most-recent premiers, Richmond and West Coast, are in early trouble with just one win apiece. But four of the teams that missed last year’s finals are sitting in the top eight. Most notably, last year’s wooden-spooner, Gold Coast, is […]

Sergi Mateo controls the diet of each player to ‘make a difference’

Caring for the line has become a real headache during confinement. Mobility has been limited stricto sensu and having the fridge nearby doesn’t help. Preventing the potential collateral damage that the coronavirus pandemic could cause in Girona, nutritionist Sergi Mateo has been clear from the first minute of his alarm that the players’ diet needs […]

“We need counterparts to help big companies”

La Croix: Why do you want to impose conditions on aid that the government could grant to large companies? Matthieu Orphelin: It would be a political, strategic, economic and ecological mistake to say that the only thing that counts today is the rescue of companies and that we will deal with the necessary transformations tomorrow. […]

Matthieu Tordeur, lessons from the South Pole

What good can it do to reach the South Pole on skis in fifty days from Hercules Inlet, the starting point for great Antarctic adventures? All while pulling a 120 kg sled allowing to survive without assistance, in total autonomy, that is to say without finding in its path of supply supplied in advance. Break […]