The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate

The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate Home / Extremadura / The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate He warns that the Extremadura Blood Bank “is at a minimum”, and it is necessary that “it can recover from this pothole.” January 12, 2021 . Beachers in the Bundesliga: Outlook for the weekend (19.12.

of Annika Schultz am 18. December 2020 at 15:07 (7 hours) On the coming weekend, some top beachers will be back in action in the volleyball Bundesliga (Photo: Joern Pollex / Hoch Zwei) The second league was suspended due to the developments in the corona pandemic, but the top division should continue: In these games […]

What is Will Smith’s relationship with Cobra Kai? – Hobby Consoles

The presence of Will Smith among the executive producers of Cobra Kai has a very simple explanation, although his production company has played a more relevant role than one might expect. Cobra Kai brought the magic of the Karate Kid universe back to YouTube Red in 2018 through the presence of William Zabka and Ralph […]

Teaching: Valérie Glatigny confirms that the superior will be able to organize certain face-to-face exams

Minister Valérie Glatigny presented this possibility to higher education establishments for the January session, unless the consultation committee decides otherwise on Friday. SFollowing Friday’s Consultation Committee, Minister of Higher Education Valérie Glatigny announced that it will be “possible for establishments to organize certain face-to-face exams in January, subject to compliance with strict health rules contained […]

The rise of 5% to retirees: there is no story that can with the adjustment

It is hard to find meaning in the press conference that the Government surprisingly organized to announce a 5% increase for retirees who is it almost nothing itself or is it directly nothing, seen by the needs of the recipients. The increase will govern from December and will be the last by decree until, in […]

Countries to which Colombians can easily emigrate | Economy

If you are interested in living in another country, here we tell you about alternatives to which Colombians that perhaps you did not know can be accommodated.(Read: The visas with which you can take advantage of the ‘boom’ of work in the US) PORTUGAL​In 2015, Portugal issued a decree of law that is still in […]

A product can no longer be stamped “produced in France” if the ingredients are not French.

The Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie announces in the columns of the JDD this Sunday that he will sign this Monday a charter with large-scale distribution (Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché Netto, Système U, Auchan Retail France, Casino, Monoprix and Franprix, LIDL, Cora Supermarchés Match and Aldi France) in order to support French agriculture. With this charter, […]

Dual nationality How can Colombians have Portuguese nationality? – Government – Politics

In 2015, Spain and Portugal passed laws that sought the historical reparation of the Jewish communities expelled from these territories. Thus, those who demonstrate their Sephardic ancestry could have Spanish or Portuguese nationality. However, Spain set the deadline to request this immigration benefit on October 1, 2019. (Can read: Colombians ‘Sephardic’, of those who most […]