The cinema of (S8) arrives in May in five spaces in the city

Sutil, Couto, Dominguez, Celemín and Rueda. | // VICTOR ECHAVE The peripheral cinema exhibition (S8) will celebrate a new edition in A Coruña from May 26 to June 4 with a training dimension and support for film projects. It was presented yesterday by the directors of the initiative, Ángel Rueda and Ana Domínguez; the provincial […]

Young man burned alive by Venezuelan dies in Plaza Dos de Mayo

Katherine Gómez, the 18-year-old girl who was burned alive on Saturday in Plaza Dos de Mayo by a Venezuelan criminal, died today at the Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital due to the extensive burns on her body. The family accused his ex-partner, the Venezuelan Sergio Tarache Parra (19), of being the perpetrator of the femicide, after […]

The rise in the Euribor triggers the average mortgage 613 euros per year

EP The index closes May at 0.287%, 76 basis points more than a year ago, which anticipates the ECB’s rate hike in July For six years the twelve-month Euribor has marked negative numbers. This indicator with which variable-rate mortgages are calculated soared in May to a provisional monthly average of 0.287%, which is 27 basis […]

Thyroid and dentistry, a close relationship that you are sure not aware of

The hard data is overwhelming, according to figures from the World Health Organization, there are more than 750 million people in the world who have some type of thyroid pathology, and it is believed that approximately 60 percent are unaware of it. Today is World Thyroid Day and we see the seriousness of this widespread […]

Andalusia reports 41 deaths from Covid-19 in four days

Andalusia has notified 8,071 cases and 41 deaths from Covid-19 from this Monday in Andalusia. According to official data provided by the Ministry of Health and Families, the The spread of the Covid-19 virus is especially intense in Seville, with 1,999 cases officers in four days. Cases by province: After Seville there are Malaga, with […]

Lori Meyers, ‘slam’ of poetry, theater and other plans for this Friday

A weekend starts for which quite high temperatures are expected for this time of year. Summer is almost a month early and it is likely that the plans you fancy have to do with refreshing places. The province not only has natural environments with waterfalls, waterfalls and havens of peace in which to enjoy spring, […]

Special blood collection this Tuesday 17 in Jerez

The Cadiz Transfusion, Tissues and Cells Center has carried out a “urgent” appeal for the blood donation this Tuesday, May 17, since “our blood reserves are very low and we need to have sufficient blood stock to maintain the hospital demand for blood products,” they warn in a statement. The request is made to all […]

Cell phones that remain without WhatsApp in May | Trends

As of May 31, WhatsApp will no longer be available for 41 smartphones several years old. Although the majority of mobiles that will no longer be able to use the application are Androidwill also happen for some with system iOS. (WhatsApp: these are the new features available). This ‘blackout’ occurs because, on old devices, the […]