Halleschen FC’s home series breaks against 1860 Munich

Halle coach Sreto Ristic only made one change compared to the 1:3 loss at Erzgebirge Aue. He had to replace Tom Baumgart, who was injured in training on Friday, and so junior international Julian Eitschberger made his debut for Halleschen FC in the right-back position. HFC helps diligently with the goal conceded The HFC started […]

Thousands at demonstrations for a better education system

Thousands of people demonstrated for better education in more than 30 cities in Germany. The organizers spoke of 15,000 demonstrators nationwide. According to police information, around 4,500 people took part in Berlin and around 2,000 in Cologne and Munich. In Central Germany, too, people took to the streets to demand better conditions in daycare centers […]

Economics Minister Dulig: Jobs at the Transparent Factory are safe

Saxony’s Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) commented on the Transparent Factory case on Monday afternoon and contradicted previous reports. “Volkswagen confirmed to me by phone in Dresden today that there is no change at all in the board’s mandate to change the business areas in Dresden,” said Dulig. The ID.3 should continue to be produced […]

Hundreds of people in Dresden are calling for bicycle lanes on Blauer Wunder

Several hundred cyclists blocked one of the most famous bridges in Dresden, the Blue Wonder, on Monday morning. The action lasted exactly 22 minutes and, according to an MDR reporter, went off without incident. The police redirected drivers well before the bridge. The reason for the protest is the lack of a cycle path on […]

Nick Carter Achieves Partial Success in Rape Allegations Case

Aug 31, 2023 | Rape allegations – partial success for Nick Carter Several women have accused pop star Nick Carter of serious sexual misconduct. In one case, the 43-year-old was able to celebrate partial success. Singer Melissa Schuman accuses Carter of raping her in 2002. In return, Carter sued the 39-year-old for defamation. According to […]

New Corona variant Eris observed by WHO: How dangerous is the omicron mutation EG 5?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has upgraded the new mutation of the coronavirus EG.5. The variant called “Eris” is now one of the “virus variants of interest”. This makes Eris one of three variants that are under increased observation by the WHO. These also include the XBB.1.5 variant, which is widespread in Europe and the […]

EU Parliament wants stricter rules for small loans

Consumers in the EU should be better protected when taking out loans in the future. On Tuesday in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted for measures to protect against credit card debt or unsuitable loans. Stricter rules for small loans, caps on fees Stricter rules will apply in the future, among other things, for small loans […]

Nikolai Embraces Freedom from Royal Obligations: A New Chapter Begins

Nikolai: Finally free as a count? In a press release, the court justified Margrethe’s drastic step: The monarch wanted to enable her grandchildren to live a freer life – without royal obligations. Nikolai works as a model alongside his studies. He is also currently building up a foothold as an influencer and regularly gives his […]

Dresden main station is completely closed to local and long-distance traffic

The changes in detail: Long-distance transport · Long-distance trains in the direction of Berlin/Warnemünde, Frankfurt/Wiesbaden (on August 25th) and Cologne/Stuttgart run from August 25th to 27th to and from Dresden Neustadt. There is no stop at Dresden Hbf. · EC trains in the direction of Prague are no longer available between Dresden Neustadt or Dresden […]

IWH expects an increase in insolvencies

“The market has not recovered as much as it did before Corona,” explains Ettelt. “This means that these sales figures have not necessarily been reached again in many sectors, especially in the furniture industry. Which means that the subsidies could not be repaid. So: Not everyone is like TUI or Lufthansa who paid it back, […]