From tomorrow new 5-year BTP for expenses Covid-19 – Economy

Tomorrow the new BTP Italia will debut, an offer of securities that will be proposed again in fact from 18 to 21 May in an edition, this is the sixteenth, which this time, however, will contribute in a more specific way “to cover the expenses related to the Covid emergency doubles, therefore rising to 8 […]

The tire that measures and weighs like an elephant

YE. Madrid Updated:05/02/2020 01: 32h save Related news The gigantic tire of the OTR segment (Off The Road), called Goodyear RM-4A + of size 59 / 80R63, has been developed to load hundreds of tons of stones and other materials and is part of the range that the company manufactures specifically for move the heaviest […]

The problems of temperature controls in companies and stores: Is it legal?

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:05/01/2020 19:15 save Masks enter the “new normal”, although it is feared for their shortages. This “new reality” also includes technology, which has been revealed in the pandemic of cCovid-19 oronavirus as one of the great allies. Robots, tracking apps, drones. Any innovation can work if you give it a twist, so […]

Coronavirus: Autonomous: help manual with the latest news from each community | Economy

The situation in the Spanish self-employed organizations is the same: the telephones do not stop ringing and the mail inboxes are full. Questions and more questions. Lots of doubts. “We have attended 48,000 consultations in three weeks, when our annual average is around 10,000-15,000,” José José Perea, general secretary of the Association of Autonomous Workers […]