When choosing detention as a measure of restraint, it is necessary to observe the criteria related to the legality of its application. The statement of the HRD on the case of the mother of the fallen serviceman

Public trust is possible only in the conditions of guaranteeing the accountability of the criminal justice system within the framework allowed by law. HRD Anahit Manasyan issued a statement regarding issues related to the protection of human rights within the criminal proceedings against Gayane Martirosyan. “The accountability of the competent bodies involved in the chain […]

If you measure the countermeasures against ‘fake news’ by the Yoon Seok-yeol government

The Yoon Seok-yeol government and the passport are calling the countermeasures against fake news, and attention is drawn to the false manipulation information regulation policy being pursued. Since President Yoon Seok-yeol expressed his will to catch fake news himself, the ruling party and the government have been talking about fake news every day. The control […]

Official surprise for the lack of lifting of a precautionary measure

Another aspect that drew the attention of the governor’s advisers was the difference in criteria when analyzing, “meteorically”, the 36-page report with which the State Prosecutor’s Office founded the legality of Manzur’s candidacy, according to the provisions of Law 16,986 (on amparo action). In that letter, the State Prosecutor delves into the original jurisdiction, which […]

Local: Healthy heart, healthy brain » Monitorul de Suceava

The brain is so intimately dependent on the blood in the body for nourishment and sustenance that it is irrigated by approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Even though we can’t feel it, every minute the heart pumps almost 1 liter of blood to the brain, which is the only way for brain cells to […]

“Join Our Team: Discover the Benefits of Working with us!”

Our benefits for you trust working hours – flexible working hours Mobile Working – Location-independent working (e.g. in the home office) possible throughout Germany learning community – Exchange with like-minded people & further training through specialist lectures sponsorship program – your personal contact person thesis – with an innovative practice partner Responsible tasks – more […]

Zukunft Handwerk 2023 in Munich: Munich association advises on insurance and pensions

07.03.2023 – 09:53 Munich association insurance group Munich (ots) Under the motto “Network of masters and doers”, “Zukunft Handwerk 2023” will take place for the first time from March 8th to 10th, 2023 in the International Congress Center Munich (ICM), the new, as a cross-industry live event by the Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen (GHM) designed congress […]

Trade fairs – Freiburg im Breisgau – Cannabis release: Blienert still sees advertising needs – economy

Freiburg (dpa/lsw) – According to the Federal Drug Commissioner Burkhard Blienert (SPD), international persuasion is still required for the planned legalization of cannabis in Germany. “We are now promoting this path in many places,” said Blienert on Tuesday at the first “CannaB” specialist congress. at the Freiburg Fair. Blienert was connected via video. “Everyone should […]