(Mobile Legends) These are the 7 Best Heroes in “Mechanical Fighting”!

With the abilities they have, these seven Mobile Legends Heroes are very effective in fighting one on one in the match! Mobile Legends is a game that requires teamwork and a good game strategy to win. With five players, a team must be able to coordinate to destroy base enemy. Even so, not all battle […]

40 cameras will watch over the capital’s escalators and elevators

The project includes the repair, in many cases complete replacement, of the six escalators and elevators that were mainly inaugurated 10 years ago, although during this time in most cases the residents have seen these infrastructures paralyzed for longer than in operation. These are the stairs that link Paseo de Chil with Paseo de San […]

The Cherry MX 10.0N keyboard boasts a rainbow

The metal-enclosed keyboard housed low-profile mechanical switches. The Cherry MX 10.0N launches a new mechanical keyboard called RGB, which promises to be a very durable device not only in its interior but also in its appearance. Hirdetés Under the caps of the 22 mm high input device, packed in an aluminum housing, the manufacturer’s own […]