Ilse Warringa received love letters for the character Miss Ank | NOW

Actress Ilse Warringa is currently finishing the filming of the hit series The Lice Mother. Warringa herself receives love letters written to the character she plays, Miss Ank. She says so in an interview with it Saturday AD. In the interview with the newspaper, Warringa says that she has since The Lice Mother appeared on […]

Scariolo: Half minutes of the selected ACB is very worrying for relief

Valencia, Nov 29 (EFE) .- The coach of the Spanish team, Sergio Scariolo, said this Sunday that the low average of minutes of the national players who go to the FIBA ​​windows (from which those registered in the Euroleague are exempt) It is a very worrying fact for the generational change in Spain. ? We […]

Network users criticize pyrotechnics show in Caracas :: La Prensa de Lara

Jesus Pérez | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB) ended this Friday the celebration of its centenary with a fireworks show over the sky of Caracas. It was the defense minister, Vladimir Padrino López, who announced the act as a “present“to the capital city, but users on social networks did not see […]

Green MPs embarrassed himself with criticism of Nehammer – politics

A crash in the coalition? A Green National Council openly shoots two ÖVP ministers – and has to row back a few hours later. Thursday morning, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) informed about new findings from the investigation into the terrorist attack on November 2 in Vienna. In the course of the press conference, a […]

Doctor: More migrants among corona intensive care patients – coronavirus

According to a doctor, 60 percent of intensive care patients at the Ottakring clinic have a migration background. The government would not reach them. Burkhard Gustorff is an intensive care doctor at the Ottakring Clinic. According to his information, significantly more people with a migration background are affected by Covid-19 more than average. In the […]

Flanders is tackling fake news harder

Flemish Minister of Media Benjamin Dalle (CD&V) will invest in a new fact-check platform. Photo: Guy Puttemans Flemish Minister of Media Benjamin Dalle (CD&V) will invest in a new fact-check platform. That writes De Morgen Friday. “We see the phenomenon of fake news(fake news, ed.) is spreading worldwide. So we have to be vigilant in […]

There are already 12,700 coronavirus mutations – Science

As new research suggests, there are already at least 12,700 mutations of the coronavirus. After the Danish government made a wrong strategic decision precisely because of a supposedly dangerous mutation of the coronavirus and ordered the murder of millions of minks that are now rotting in mass graves, the question arises of how to classify […]

They demand justice for the murder of three people in Las Tinajitas :: La Prensa de Lara

Euseglimar González | THE PRESS OF LARA.- As César Yánez and Damary González, the couple who were brutally murdered along with their 17-year-old son was identified in Las Tinajitas, west of Barquisimeto. The bodies were found Monday afternoon inside a home, which is located near the San Francisco distributor. Some workers from a shed, which […]