Colin Kaepernick signs production deal with Disney

The company announced a production deal with the former NFL quarterback turned activist on Monday. The first project between the two will be a docuseries from ESPN Films about Kaepernick’s life and journey from San Francisco 49ers quarterback to civil rights leader. “Using extensive new interviews and a vast never-before-seen archive that documents his last […]

No one has been as far as this corona vaccine – health

A live tracker shows how far the development of vaccine candidates has progressed. Now a preparation has been listed as approved for the first time The whole world is waiting for a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2. More than 145 active substances are currently under development, 19 are already being tested on humans. The live tracker of […]

Mutation is even more contagious than the original variant – health

The successful adaptation of the corona virus in the form of a mutation is far more infectious than the original version from Wuhan. A new mutation in the coronavirus affects human cells more easily than the original one. A study now confirms that the currently prevailing variant is far more infectious than the prototype from […]

The talk show obsession of the media media

Now the success of On 1 the pendulum of the media mode has swung back to duo presentation, the NPO has decided to also have the largest shoes they had filled by two: Renze Klamer in the left shoe of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Fidan Ekiz in the right. After the summer, the pair must fill […]

Bert van Leeuwen looked differently at De 100’s own donor codicil NOW

Bert van Leeuwen continued presenting the donor program De 100 view his own donor codicil differently. The presenter has since planned to also make his eyes available for organ donation, he says in Monday The Telegraph. “I remember that I had filled in: except for the eyes, that just seemed a very scary idea to […]

“Coronavirus has been dormant all over the world for years” –

There are indications that Covid-19 did not originate in the conscious animal market in Wuhan, China, but had lain dormant in various parts of the world for years. That’s what epidemiologist Tom Jefferson from Oxford University says in The Telegraph. His claim does not come out of the blue. Last week, it was announced that […]

it is unwise to go abroad for a holiday –

Almost every day somewhere in Europe there is a region that has to be locked again, because there is a corona outbreak. Two regions in Spain closed this weekend, one in Catalonia, one in Galicia. Friday was Portugal, Thursday Leicester in England. Anyone who gets stuck there must save himself, the government is not going […]

“Virus that looks a lot like Covid-19 was sent to Wuhan in 2013” –

Scientists stumbled upon a mysterious coronavirus back in 2013 when they examined bat feces. The lung virus resembling Covid-19 was sent to the laboratory in Wuhan for examination. That reports The Sunday Times. Six researchers who studied bat feces in an abandoned mine in Yunnan Province developed severe pneumonia. Three of them died. Well-known SARS […]

Tex de Wit: ‘Easy scoring makes up for the lack of sports summer’ | NOW

Tex de Wit can be seen from Sunday evening in the second season of Easy Scoring, the satirical sports program he makes together with Diederik Smit and Jonathan van het Reve. That way, they absorb the lack of the sports summer a bit, he says The Parool. “We would actually make six episodes, there are […]

WHO ignores aerosols –

More than two hundred scientists have critical questions about the official position of the World Health Organization (WHO) about the causes of coronavirus infection. In an open letter, to be published next week, they urge greater attention to aerosol dispersal. HLN writes about this Maurice the Dog In the Netherlands, Maurice de Hond has been […]