‘The penis is the canary in the coal mine’ – Wel.nl

Men with erectile dysfunction only want one thing: for him to do it again. And thanks to pills, it is usually not that complicated. That is why erectile dysfunction is insufficiently researched, says Professor Guy T’Sjoen (UZ Gent), who is famous in Belgium as a doctor of men’s ailments. “In any case, it pays to […]

Marc van der Linden ended up in a coma after a fall | NOW

In July, royalty reporter Marc van der Linden (50) was hospitalized. Monday night he let in RTL Boulevard know that he fell into a coma after a fall in his house. “I was found by my mother because she was worried,” says Van der Linden. “I had an infection in my leg. It’s called erysipelas. […]

The Dutch plasma medicine is also not doing well – Wel.nl

Sanquin blood bank has encountered a major setback in the collection of blood plasma for the production of a corona drug. The amount of antibodies in that plasma is declining faster than hoped for. That writes the AD. The intention was to recruit 16,000 donors, people who have been infected with corona and therefore have […]

Virologist now wants to prove that virus comes from the laboratory – coronavirus

Out of fear, Dr. Yan moved to the United States in April after researching the coronavirus. She now wants to prove that the virus is human. “It comes from the laboratory in Wuhan,” says Dr. Li-Meng Yan in an interview with British television program “Loose Women” on ITV on Friday. The Chinese researcher means the […]

The coronavirus also threatens your brain – Wel.nl

In March, we thought the coronavirus was causing lung problems. Now – almost 7 months later – we know that it is a many-headed monster that can take care of your whole body. There is now also a threat to the brain. How the virus enters the brain is not clear. But about half of […]

Has the corona virus become less powerful? – Wel.nl

The number of infections is increasing rapidly, yet it remains quiet on the ic. Is it calm before the storm, which breaks loose when young people start to infect the elderly, or does the virus become less powerful? Of course, everyone and virologists hopes for the latter the most, but according to the Belgian professor […]

Cold or corona? Once more the symptoms in a row – Wel.nl

With the autumn also coughs and ailments come back to the corner. Normally not something to bother you with, but that is of course different now: it could be corona. How do you know if it is time to be put on hold at the GGD? Either way, when you have a cold, you should […]

GNB dismantles clandestine laboratory that packaged natural medicines without sanitary control

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) dismantled in San Félix, Bolívar state, a clandestine laboratory dedicated to illegally packaging and commercializing supposed natural medicines, without having sanitary controls and the proper permits. The commander of Zone No. 62, G / B Adolfo Rodríguez Cepeda, reported the arrest of two subjects who were in the preparation of […]

do mouth masks help to elicit an immune response against virus? – Wel.nl

It is only a theory, but an interesting one: if you wear a mouth mask, an immune reaction against the coronavirus could arise because you are exposed to a small amount of virus particles. They call that variolation. But again, it’s just a theory. Scientists write about it in a commentary in the New England […]

Goodbye Paris, dream vanished daughter boss Riina – Sicily

He closed bistro on his way back to Corleone. Maybe moved again The dream of changing life vanished in a few months by moving to the Ville lumiere for Lucia Riina, 40, one of the four children of the Corleonese massacre boss Totò, who died in 2017 in prison where he ended up after 24 […]