Kidney transplant resumes in Réunion

Following the serious incident which saw a surgeon remove a patient’s healthy kidney instead of the sick kidney (read: The surgeon is wrong and remove the bad kidney), kidney transplants had been suspended at Félix Guyon hospital. In a press release, the ARS announces that the Specialized Commission for the organization of care has delivered […]

Two other health workers died in Barranquilla due to possible COVID-19

Two other health workers in Barranquilla, the doctor Andrés Acevedo and the nursing assistant Delcy Talaigua, died – apparently – by COVID-19. The general doctor Andrés Roberto Acevedo, 58 years old, a Costa Rican national and who had been living and working in the city for 17 years, lost his life this Thursday after being […]

At 85 and 45, they shared sex photos with a 12-year-old child

For two months, they exchanged via Messenger with what they thought was a 12 year old girl named Alicia. Behind this profile was actually hiding a pedophile tracker, Steven Moore. The man was contacted by the mother of a young girl who had noticed Jimmy N.’s inappropriate behavior during a trip to Mauritius. From there, […]

The rebellious shiigumen asked to call his witness to the church court :: Society :: RBC

A witness in a church court cannot be a person “who is out of church fellowship, with the exception of cases on charges of committing church offenses against neighborly and Christian morality.” In addition, incompetent people, as well as persons convicted by a church court for knowingly false denunciation, cannot be involved in this capacity. […]