Francis: we need an “ecological conversion”

The Pope recounts his change of vision towards creation to a group of experts who collaborate with the French bishops on the theme of “Laudato si ‘”. Speaking off the cuff he affirms the need to make a path of change in the way of considering the relationship with nature. In the text delivered to […]

A first cluster of professional origin identified in Réunion

Reunion Island has become accustomed to the term “cluster” (for “focus”) borrowed from English since the start of the real first wave of Coronavirus in Reunion. Covid-19 in Reunion: Death of an Evasan patient, 45 new cases on Monday This Monday at the end of the day, the ARS reports for the first time the […]

[Société] The influenza vaccination campaign continues

The flu is often wrongly considered to be benign although it causes deaths each year in Reunion Island, especially in the elderly and those with chronic pathologies. Assurance Maladie Réunion and ARS launched the seasonal flu vaccination campaign on June 1 in Réunion, with the slogan: “La fré lé la, la grip osi. Alon vaksiné! […]

Summit by classes: Nation will review expanded protocol of the City

Faced with this impediment, the City undertook to present a protocol again but with the corrections that were indicated by the Ad hoc Commission of the national portfolio last Wednesday. From the entity belonging to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires it was argued that the prevailing desire is to “go find” the […]

Dr Chièze confirms the spectacular rise in the covid incidence rate in Reunion Island

“The epidemiological situation continues to deteriorate. The number of indigenous cases has increased sharply over the past two weeks (…) This therefore means that the virus is circulating in Reunion Island and that the circulation, today, is not attributable to air travelers “, first launched François Chièze. Indeed, the incidence rate, namely the number of […]

20 cases of dengue in one week: let’s continue our efforts!

The Prefecture and the ARS communicate, in their bulletin, the last quantified assessment of dengue. From August 10 to 16, 20 cases of dengue fever were confirmed in our island. The circulation of the virus continues to slow. However, 13 municipalities are still affected in recent weeks, mainly in the west and south of the […]

the increase in cases is confirmed but the virus claims fewer victims

This Monday, August 24, France recorded 1955 additional confirmed cases of Covid-19, and 15 more deaths than the day before in hospitals across the country. In comparison, Sunday, August 23, the toll for the day stood at 4,897 new cases. Despite a deceleration of the epidemic on Monday, the trend of last week was rather […]

[Société] Covid-19: Opening of a Covid medicine unit at the CHU Sud

In the context of the epidemic deterioration linked to COVID-19, the CHU is adapting its crisis organization and the care of COVID-19 patients. In fact, until then, the CHU Nord was referenced as the single site for the care of all patients with COVID-19 in the Region. In this context, several capacity steps allowed the […]

Not realizing that their actions were recorded until they were watched by members of the council, this couple was engrossed in sex during a meeting Zoom – all pages

gabrielbenois / Unsplash (screenshoot) Zoom Application Illustration GridPop.ID – In the midst of the corona pandemic, the zoom application is quite popular. The zoom application itself is often used for meeting purposes to apply the concept social distancing. Hamipr every country in the hemisphere uses the zoom application for work or just to say hello […]

[Société] Covid at school: what do the unions think?

Since the start of the school year, the battle has started in schools on the island. After many suspicions of Covid cases, such as in particular at the Paul-Moreau high school in Bras-Panon, the rectorate told the various unions this Thursday that 7 cases have been proven, but “that it is still too early to […]