Advanced imaging technologies in the new “Xiaomi 13” phone

It uses professional Leica lenses… and high-speed wired and wireless charging The Xiaomi 13 phone was recently launched in the Arab region, which offers very high performance levels and advanced imaging capabilities, in an elegant design, extended battery life, and high wired and wireless charging speeds. The phone is impressive for daily uses, photography and […]

He assured the Arab ministers of agriculture participating in the quartet meeting that countries cannot achieve self-sufficiency in food on their own… President Assad.. Expanding agricultural cooperation between neighboring countries establishes an agricultural and food safety net that serves the peoples of the entire region

President Bashar al-Assad considered that the economic and political crises and other problems facing the peoples of the world have proven that countries cannot achieve self-sufficiency in terms of food on their own, and there is no solution except through agricultural solidarity, especially in agricultural societies, stressing that the agricultural sector, despite all the problems […]

Intensive contacts in the diplomatic corridors of the capitals of the four countries resulted in rapprochement at some points. Sources for Al-Watan: The quartet meeting of the assistant foreign ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey next Monday

Al-Watan learned from follow-up sources in Moscow that the upcoming meeting of the assistant foreign ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey may take place early next week on the third and fourth of April in the Russian capital, Moscow. The sources indicated that intensive contacts took place in the diplomatic corridors of the capitals […]

CENI-PTF meeting: Involvement of actors to better succeed in this electoral consultation

As part of its series of exchange meetings with actors supporting the electoral process in Niger, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) organized, on Friday March 24, 2023 in Niamey, a meeting with technical and financial partners as well as the countries concerned by the election of the diaspora. This meeting, which comes after the […]

Baku once again invited Karabakh Armenians to a meeting

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Al-Miqdad and Abdullahian discuss by phone developments in bilateral cooperation and regional developments… Intensive and continuous contacts in preparation for holding the “quartet” meeting in Moscow

The developments of bilateral cooperation between Tehran and Damascus, and the regional and international developments, were present as basic files that were discussed during the phone call that took place yesterday between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Faisal Al-Miqdad, and his Iranian counterpart, Hussein Amir Abdullahian. The official Iranian News Agency, IRNA, said […]

Meeting without definitions between Macri and Larreta

Two major issues of an electoral nature were of special interest to both. On the one hand, Rodríguez Larreta, launched in the race to reach the Casa Rosada, wanted Macri to announce that he was definitively giving up the idea of ​​running again for the presidency. This, meanwhile, expected the head of the Buenos Aires […]