Early Evidence of Opium Use Found in Israel All

KOMPAS.com – The earliest evidence of opium use in the ancient world has been found at a burial site in central Israel dating to around the 14th century BC or during the Late Bronze Age. Opium residues were found in more than half a dozen 3,500-year-old pottery vessels at the site located in Yehud, outside […]

Afghanistan, Biden revokes the status of strategic ally – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 23 SEPTEMBER – Joe Biden has revoked the status of “strategic ally” not a member of NATO from Afghanistan. A measure announced by the American president last June. The special status was awarded to the country in 2012, by then President Barack Obama, as a “strategic ally”. Afghanistan has received military assistance […]

The Uniqueness of Channa Barca Fish, Fantastic Valuable Fish From India

KOMPAS.com – Channa Barca fish is one type of ornamental fish that is sold in many marketplaces at fantastic prices. Fish from rivers in India has a variety of uniqueness that makes it expensive among ornamental fish lovers. Barca snakehad is a type of fish that has a snake-like physique, from the head and scales […]

Europe Hits Worst Drought in 500 Years, Here’s the Impact

KOMPAS.com- According to the latest data, Europe is currently being hit by the worst drought in 500 years, affecting many countries from Germany to the UK. According to the EU’s European Drought Observatory, 47 percent of the EU is under drought warning, with 17 percent on red alert. This worst drought affects many aspects such […]

Snacks “Ice Smoke” Sprayed with Cold and Smoky Nitrogen, Beware of the Dangers All

KOMPAS.com- This unique snack served with a puff of smoke and a cold sensation has recently become popular with children. This snack, which is popularly called Ice Smoke, recently caused a child to suffer burns. Snacks “Ice Smoke” made by spraying abdomen colorful with liquid nitrogen, so that it causes smoke to be increasingly sold […]

Archaeologists Find Pharaoh’s Condoms, Like What? page all

KOMPAS.com – The archaeologist Howard Carter found an object that was Tutankhamun’s condom. Even so, Pharaoh’s condom was probably not used as a contraceptive. The discovery of artifacts was revealed from the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun which was first excavated in 1922. Pharaoh’s artifacts include items such as gold, silver, ebony, ivory, precious […]

Can Mysterious Acute Hepatitis in Children Be Cured? page all

KOMPAS.com- Mysterious acute hepatitis that mostly affects children is still a dilemma for experts, because there are still many puzzles related to this disease that are not yet known. Including whether this mysterious disease in children can be cured. Mysterious acute hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver that is not caused by a […]

Hepatitis A Infection Is Very Similar to Children’s Mysterious Acute Hepatitis All

KOMPAS.com- Hepatitis A is referred to as one of the types of hepatitis disease that is most similar to the mysterious acute hepatitis infection in children that has recently shocked the world community. Hepatitis is a disease that existed before the recent mysterious acute hepatitis outbreak in children. The acute hepatitis that existed in Indonesia […]